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Thë Färmërs Älmänäc [ÄFK] - Engi Turret Farming / profit searches [NA]

We dedicate ourselves to making money through metas and afterwards finding mobs or methods that are within EULA to farm or grind for profit through drops and other combinations.

Currently, we have a spot to farm Incandescent dust, Karmic Retributions, Crystalline Dust, Crystal Lodestones and volatile magic. (not as much magic as istan but more per hour)

If you were around during or participated in the Lake Doric farm in the past prior to the trebuchet fire being added, then you already know how the farm works.

Engineers find a spot that is within range of Advanced Logistics, place turrets in specific locations nearby mobs, mobs die to over excess of turrets pew-pew-ing at said targets, loot comes in...Turrets either despawn after a few minutes / get killed and must be replaced. Impossible to fully automate with engineer without breaking EULA ( <see red post )

Due to the area's difficulty we will need a slew of engineers to farm it successfully, after a good bit we will have things up and running successfully and will even break off for the metas if need be. Discord will be up to chill and jam out.

Keep in mind, we have other spots that aren't as difficult to farm to gather specific materials but they require much less engineers and coordination to maintain in case this gets nerf-bat and are actually dedicated to finding spots for farming benefit.

Keep an eye out for Thë Färmërs Älmänäc [ÄFK] in LFG in Thunderhead or other areas. Any questions, just pm OP of this post via mail in game.