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Just Weaver Stuff / Wrath of God Weaver #11 [Staff + Sw/d]

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Hi gw2 elementalists !
As always I'm here with more shameless self promotion to show how useful Weaver is in a variety of WvW contexts ! =)
Tried to focus on roaming clips a bit more in this one, with a few zerg fights scattered throughout.

Weaver Staff Build: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQFAWnMMAdOgtMA+4C8RglBALIAMAaA3t6YdtWoSWBOBA-j1RBQBA4CCkQ1WokqEL4BBcl9HlfmUJIe0REAAB4m3MAczbezbezb21t5Nv5Nv5Nv5Nv5NLFggKjA-w

Weaver sword/dagger build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQJAsYnMMAdOgtMA+4C8RglUAjIA0AOAFPxPQU8OMXmXzA-j1SBQBlRJBZVKcRlBXZ/RJGFOBAJUllFcgAwjeCUqEEAPQgUpORAAEA38m38m38mddbezbezbezbezbezSBIoyI-w

Note that on my sw/d build, when I'm fighting more physical-based opponents (warrior, ranger, guardian, sometimes thief) I switch weaver traitline to: 333
Music contains mature content in both videos

And my second latest montage as well below :)