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Griffon Squad - Complete your griffon collections [EU]

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Hey guys !

First : If you don't want to have informations about how to obtain the griffon, or don't want to join this kind of event, feel free to leave this post :D

Since it's working pretty well ingame, I want to share this event with you !

Since the release of Guild Wars 2 : Path Of Fire, I organized 7 Griffon Squads, the goal of the squad is to collect every items for the first 5 collections for your griffon and leave you with almost nothing to do after that. More than one hundred people joined the first 7 squads ! Of course, if you're not interessed, feel free to check at guides on the internet or do it by yourself :D

We collect all the eggs, all the runes (that includes events / bounty / special collection), and some hearts which can be done without bothering the others next to you
(of course, 50 people can't do hearts where you need to kill monsters, it would be uneffective, that's something you'll need to do by yourselves)

Last Friday, I organized the 6th griffon squad, and it was amazing, we went through all maps, and collected all eggs and runes in about 3hours and a half. We were 33 and everyone was happy about having only hearts and the library left to do.
Yesterday, we were 45 and everyone made it ! It took us 3hours 14minutes to complete eggs / runes / and few hearts. So I want to keep going and help you guys as much as I can !

So at 9pm CEST, today (21:00 Paris time), I'll organize the 8th Griffon Squad and I hope you'll join us and have fun !

There are few requirements, like :

  • Follow the tag, forget about any point of interest, mastery point, we're not gonna wait if you're doing things like that :P We stay focus on the main goal : Collections completion.
  • Bunny lvl 3
  • Skimmer unlocked (lvl doesn't matter)
  • We don't need Jackal
  • Collections unlocked, with the nice little item that you'll need to link when you enter the squad (Spearmarshal's Plea)
  • Be nice with others, and be patient (not everyone will make it first time, but our mesmers were super cool and always helped the ones behind)

You're free to avoid an entire map, and join us when you really need items. But remember : We're using some eggs to get to the next ones, so it's better to do all of them or none of them.

Since we were a lot of people joining the same map, we had issues with queue, so that's when we do breaks (So we do around 3 breaks during the run)

Also, some people will have issues like crash when picking up some eggs, or crash when trying to join Vabbi map, do not worry, we're waiting everyone. (That's why you need to be patient)

I'll give more details in game, hope I'll see you this evening ! Check the LFG ! I'll open the squad 3hours before we start !


  • Hana.8143Hana.8143 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 2, 2017

    We ended up the event with 26 people, thanks if you joined ! See ya around !

    26 new griffons will come soon :D

    Next squad Wednesday (October the 4th), 9pm CEST (21:00 Paris time). Join and be part of the 9th Griffon Squad !

  • Hana.8143Hana.8143 Member ✭✭✭

    And the 9th squad ended up this run in a little bit less than 3hours !
    Around 30 griffons will be born soon !

    Thank you for joining us :D See you in the skies of Tyria !

    Next Squad Saturday (October 7th) 8:30pm CEST (a bit earlier !) 20:30 Paris Time.

    Join us and be part of the 10th Griffon Squad ! :relaxed:

  • Hana.8143Hana.8143 Member ✭✭✭

    Due to connection issues, I won’t be able to do this tonight, but I’ll be there tomorrow.
    Sunday, same hour. (20:30 paris time)
    Sorry for that !

  • Hana.8143Hana.8143 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 8, 2017

    And the 10th squad did the run in a bit more than 3hours,
    around 35 new griffons will find a new owner soon.

    Thanks for joining, once again sorry for the delay.
    See you in the skies of Tyria !

    Next event : Saturday 14th, 2:30pm CEST (14:30 Paris Time)
    Be part of the 11th Griffon Squad :D

  • Hana.8143Hana.8143 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 14, 2017

    A bit more than 20 people joined this afternoon.
    Thanks, more than 200 people managed to clear the run !
    They all went through the steps of this event, and it was a lot of fun :)

    I'll wait a bit for the 12th squad.

    See you in the skies !