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New gvg desert event in desert BL.

So, with the new mount coming lets off the alpine BL's and bring the old event back to the desert BL's but dont make it a PVE event!!! Make the event a gvg type event make it so the servers fight each other to win the event. I never understood why a PVE event was brought back after the last PVE toxic event was in EB it was a total failure. So clean up the center desert BL's and make a better place to gvg.

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  • Remember the old event in the central area of Borderlands? The core of the idea wasn't that bad, but everything else didn't work. It could have been a perfect opportunity to have teams fight each other.

    I would have preferred something like this:

    • The central area gets closed off during the event. Vine walls could grow, ruins could raise, maybe a force-field-like dome... Anyone who was inside the central area gets kicked out in preparation.
    • At the north and south of the closed-off area, there would be two towers.
    • After a 15 min timer, teams would compete to get control over one of those towers. During than 15 min timer, players can't get close to the tower.

      • A team getting one of the towers would prevent them from capturing the other one. They would not even be able to get near the other one. They would get teleported out and unable to enter. So the other two teams would fight it out.
    • After two of the 3 teams claim the north and south towers, the entire central area becomes neutral territory and players can't fight each other anymore. There would be a 15 min timer so they can prepare and choose who enters the competition.

    • After the time, two teams of 20 players fight in the enclosed area. It would not be possible to enter or leave the area during the match, except by getting killed.
    • Being defeated for longer than 5 mins would get you sent back to base as usual, and it would not be possible to re-enter, so it'll be a team dethmatch.
    • The objectives would be simple: Either capture the enemy tower, or kill all enemies.

    The less players on your team got eliminated, the more players in the enemy team got eliminated, and the faster you capture the enemy tower, the bigger the score.
    As for the reward, it could be supply being added to all of your locations based on scoring, with a boost on upgrade progressing if the difference was big enough, plus personal rewards to those who participated in capturing the north of south towers to gain entrance to the contest, then those who participated in the deathmatch.

    There would be a grandstand around the area, and within it players would be neutral to each other and gain the ability to use a Special Action skill to gain Nova Transformation and become invisible, allowing them to enter and spectate (and record) the match from inside. Cancelling the transformation teleports back to the grandstand.

    Then there could be a guild hall upgrade that allows players to go to from their guild hall into an instanced version of one of the central contest areas: Borderlands oasis or Alpine lake that uses the WvW skill set, so they can organize their own GvG with peopl they invite to their guild as guests.

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