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I want to earn a Gift of Battle but don't know the first thing about how to start WvW

As the title says, I know I'll need a Gift of Battle for legendary crafting, and I'd like to start working towards it, but I have no idea how to get started in WvW. I did go in there once and I think I led a supply yak successfully because I unlocked an achievement for it, but I really couldn't tell what I was supposed to do, where I was supposed to go, or even where I was/how to read the map.

I thought that since it sounds like WvW is going to have some changes soon, this might be a good time to try again. Does anyone know of some good guides to how to get started for someone who is truly a complete noob to it? (I never did PvP or WvW in any other game so I don't know any of the basics at all).

I didn't want to post this in the WvW section because it looks like they're focused on other issues right now :)


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    The first step might be to just skim through the wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/World_versus_World

    The easiest approach would probably be to pick a class of choice and just jump in. If you want to prepare a bit before hand, read the wiki to understand what is happening and check metabattle for suggested builds for your class. Most have explanations with them as to how to play the class and what it's good for (as well as community ratings as to how desirable those builds are).

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    If your on Ehmry Bay server you can join my open tag this weekend for that .
    You can find your home server in the log in screen when choosing your toon, its at the bottom left.

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  • Thanks, everyone! That gives me a lot to work with. :)

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    Here's how I got mine: I went into a wvw map and just wandered around, capping anything easy and killing any enemy npc I could find. I mostly avoided fighting enemy players unless I was with other people or thought I had an advantage of some kind. The more you participate in, the more credit you get for what's going on apparently, so I'd start getting rewards based on stuff other people were doing. If I could find a squad, I'd join and just follow the crowd, using ranged weapons and cautious play (dying in wvw is a pain in the kitten because everything's far and you have to walk). As soon as I could, I took the gliding skill.

    Doing just this basically for a few hours, split over a couple of weeks for maybe half an hour at a time, i got my Gift of Battle. I don't care for wvw so probably that's as far as I'll take it, and I didn't really have to learn anything. All I know for sure is that if you don't do anything you won't get the xp, but anything you do will contribute.

  • Ooo, that's good to know, thank you! :)

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    It takes around 8 to 9 hours of total play time to complete a track without any boosters. The potions from completing WvW dailies will also speed that up a bit. You could also complete it with just the easy dailies. There are usually 2 easy ones that gives 1 potion each so that would take around 40 days.

    If you have any of these https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/WvW_Reward_Track#Reward_track_modifiers you should use them to speed things up. At the very least you should grab the buff from the guild hall bartender.

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