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Hero points not giving any Hero Points


Since PoF i want to get more hero points for my engineer, I just completed all hero points in Tarir with a group of people. At the end i noticed I did not receive any points from the Hero Point challenges at all.

I already did some of them, but I'm very sure I had checked the map beforehand to confirm there where a bunch I did not do before (I only did most of the "commune" ones).

The Hero Point Challenges are ticked off on the map, I also remember i got the golden medal for all of them.

Since I'm not sure what's going on I a bit hesitant to continue doing Hero Challenges.

Can someone help ?


  • The map icon is no longer a reliable way to see which HPs you have not done. Anet changed the HP icons a couple of months ago. The ones that have a repeatable reward (aka fighting an enemy) will have a little infinity sign and will reset to the unfinished state during the daily reset. But you still only get your points on the first completion.

    To figure out which ones will still give you hero points, you mouse over the map completion total in the top right of your map, the uncompleted HPs will flash.

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