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LF semi-serious PvX guild on Tarnished Coast NA CST time zone

I'm looking to do more end game content after pretty much soloing HoT and PoF. I have been pugging T1 fractals and want to get to T4. I want to start Raiding and doing guild missions so I can build up my gear. I want to start PvP in a coordinated group (so I can learn what's going on and not just run around like a dummy) and also try out WvW. My play times generally start after 8:30pm CST so can't make organized runs earlier in the evening. I'm looking for a guild with at least 50 active players, otherwise I find nothing really gets done. I have 1 character I play, which is a Soulbeast with max Leatherworking and Weaponsmithing. Please message me here.


  • Still looking

  • Right so we are a mix of new players, veterans and long time experienced players who have done T4's, CMs, and Raids but we also do open world content as well. We love bringing people up and teaching them, thus no elitism or anything of that sort is allowed. Our environment is to help each other thrive and have fun while learning. That's the point of a guild, a home and a place to grow. I'll add you :)

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