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In Memoriam - Melora (Amber Lutz)

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Hi everyone, it’s Splinka.

Last night, we learned that Melora - aka Elyrian Ashmore, Neryn Moreau, Bellatropa, and Amber Lutz in real life - passed away on February 15, 2019, of a pulmonary embolism.


Words cannot express how deeply [DTOP], [SAND], [PUG] and our entire extended Guild Wars 2 family are affected by this loss.

Mel was the life and soul of [DTOP]. Our weekly Dry Top/Heart of Thorns event runs, our daily fractals, occasional raids, guild missions, and one-on-one hand-holding simply would not have happened without her devotion, her passion, her kind-heartedness, and (of course) her encyclopaedic knowledge of Tyria.

We invite you to join us in contributing your best memories and screenshots of Mel. In a few days, I will bundle them up and share the collected memories with Melora’s mother and family. My own screenshots of Mel and [DTOP] over the past 4+ years are here, with captions.

We are also planning an in-game memorial event in the coming days, and will be starting a collection for donation to charity to be made in her memory. I’ll post here when we’re ready on these.

Fear not this night

You will not go astray

Though shadows fall

Still the stars find their way