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Is Weave Self really worth it as an elite skill?

MoriMoriMori.5349MoriMoriMori.5349 Member ✭✭✭
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I'm play-testing Weaver right now, don't have any experience with this e-spec yet, so may be mistaken. But Weave Self doesn't strike me like something worth wasting elite skill slot on it. Tbh, I would even think twice before dedicating a regular utility skill for something like this. One thing worth noting here is that I only evaluate it from a point of view of a PvE player, I'm sure in PvP it may have its uses indeed.

The whole set of boosts it gives you make me think a person who designed it was overly-concerned about not making Weaver even a bit more useful with this:

  1. It brings little in terms of offensive capabilities. It gives you speed boost, but for Weaver being mostly sword-wielding profession it doesn't bring much as you need to be very close to your enemy to deliver your dps (and you provide zero benefits to your group except of your dps, so its your primary focus) you can't use this speed to, say, kite more effectively, so its usefulness is questionable. It gives you extra condi damage, but current meta for Ele is all about direct damage and full berserk equipment anyway, it doesn't honor condi damage that much in the first place, so it's not very useful either. Well, there is also the finishing skill which allows you to mass-float people, but that's hardly that useful in PvE to justify it as an elite skill, though I see potential for PvP battles in it

  2. It gives you a little bit more in terms of sustain, through toughness and healing power boosts, but then again, in a group (raids, fractals) it means little as you'll have a dedicated healer and a bunch of much more useful boons (aegies, barriers, protection, regen etc) usually anyway, and in solo play current trend, again, is "do as much dps as possible to kill everything before they will burn through your hp", so it sounds more logical to set FGS as an elite skill instead.

So, overall, it seems like a very lackluster set of boosts applied for a relatively brief period of time (you either need to quickly push it to Perfect Weave state to be done with it, or do only 3 steps out of 4, and wait till the last seconds before transition it to Perfect Weave, to benefit from the boosts for a bit longer - at the cost of having more complex rotations during that period, as you need to avoid specific element all the time), and with 90 seconds of wait till the next opportunity to use it. Doesn't really look like something I should choose over FGS.

What am I missing here?


  • steki.1478steki.1478 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It's only worth in condi builds because of fire buff if you can keep almost all 30 seconds of it. It makes your skills flow nicely due to attunement cd reduction and it has much lower cooldown than fgs (hopefully that changes this patch).

  • MoriMoriMori.5349MoriMoriMori.5349 Member ✭✭✭
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    @steki.1478 said:
    It's only worth in condi builds because of fire buff if you can keep almost all 30 seconds of it. It makes your skills flow nicely due to attunement cd reduction and it has much lower cooldown than fgs (hopefully that changes this patch).

    Is condi build somehow more viable on Weaver in PvE, out of sudden, than it's on core Ele or Tempest? So far, I don't see much potential of condi damage on Eles, it just lacks good multipliers to bring it on par with direct damage builds. In PvP I guess it may be viable in duels, for example, as it allows you to easily deliver damage to an opponent who actively evades and blocks your attacks, but in PvE all that matters is raw dps output, usually.

  • Auburner.6945Auburner.6945 Member ✭✭✭
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    Condi weaver's problem is needing Weave Self which in itself asks for a lot of things to be played.

    1- Quickness and Alacrity for openers to make the full use of the ability's duration.

    2- You get added toughness from Weave Self and from Earth line as well as Elemental Polyphony which means you need to inform the tank (in raids), so that you won't catch the aggro and the boss keeps spinning.

    3- In open world, the idea of having a strong CC is quite good but the sacrifice of the extra boosts or any other elite skill is not worth and you'll most likely get punished for attuning to water or earth because you built only for damage. So, no for this skill.

    4- I don't see condi weaver a strong OW build because it requires a lot of build up for the damage and you put in way so much effort to pull it off. Also, condi in OW is not that powerful if the class is not fully dedicated to it.

    The only use I found for this skill is solo'ing hero points where there are constant break bars and the boss won't die, like the Vampire Beast hero point in Verdant Brink, I used fresh air so I am not locked into water or earth, still was a power build. I would love to use the skill, I want some CC, but the boosts and the requirement for the CC makes it a disadvantage.

    In PvP and WvW, it's not that the skill is powerful, it's because it's the only option. Players can evade it, stun break from it, keep their distance as it's easily predictable. You mainly keep up the boosts over the cc.


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