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Is Chrono in a better place now?

mowiegan.4589mowiegan.4589 Member ✭✭
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I have quit GW2 for FF14 shortly after the sigil update came out, because playing my Chrono just wasn't fun anymore. I hated being pushed into the one meta, one that I didn't enjoy playing at all.

Don't get me wrong, even when I wasn't playing the meta and just had some other build for playing solo, it just didn't cut it for me anymore.
I'm planning to return to the game now and my question is, is it fun again? Have there been any relevant changes that spice things up again and allow for maybe 3 or 4 meta builds?

In the end, I don't want to be everybody's idiot anymore, which is the sentiment I had before.


  • kasoki.5180kasoki.5180 Member ✭✭✭

    When you say pushed into one meta are you taliing about chronomancer in general or boonshare chrono particularly? Because power chrono has always been valid.

    Nowdays power chrono is even better with recent changes to Danger Time.

    Its kinda hard to say since I dont really understand what did you originally found boring. Can you elaborate some more?

  • I was talking about boonshare chrono in particular, totally forgot about Power Chrono.

    It is really hard to explain what I am after, I guess it just boils down to have there been any meaningful changes to the class that actually change how it plays, not just stuff like "Uh guys, we gave this skill an extra 10% to proc but it deals 5% less damage now".

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    Chrono is still boring, and with this i mean that as a chrono you had some big responsibilities like stunbreak on Sloth and things like that, now most of the things are taken care of other classes(not that if you cant do it). Chrono now deals more damage because of how SoI works allows you to go more damage gear. IF the group sucks, you cant carry them, because you can not share boons with other than shield5/wells/TW. Basically, the rotation is easy(?) and does not require anything special.Your CC is ducked since you need TW(MOA sucks now anyways), Shield 5 fixed so its way less CC, Superiority Complex changed and does not convert daze to stun(mostly a PvP change since both daze and stun has the same CC bar damage iirc), so to sum it up as a chrono your are dependant on how good the other chrono is because of SoI, CC is dependent on the group not just you, boons are dependent on the group that if they stand in wells or not, your ability to fix mistakes is <0. You have close to 0 controll over the situations.
    So if you were bored by the responsibilities you had as chrono, then i have great news now you just have to spam wells and SoI and do DPS :clap:
    If you scroll a bit back on this subforum there is topic about that if people still like chrono or changed to other class, i think that thread speaks for itself and answers your question too
    The thread name is: High end Support pve chrono players, how much fun are you having now since Dec 11?

  • Thanks a lot, this really helped out!

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