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Seeking WvW Profession help, HoT only

Hello everyone. As it happens, I'm a PvE player, but recently me and my friend decided to try WvW for mount and new experience. Thing is, my friend only has HoT expansion and is looking for a profession that can, quote, "crush faces on the frontline". Since I don't have any WvW experince and haven't played for a while myself, and considering the upcoming balance patch, I can't give him any particular advice, so I really need your help.
So, need a powerful frontliner, HoT only. Any suggestions?

On an unrelated note, can you get WvW mount without PoF?


  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Frontline Herald with staff + hammer. (use retribution traitline with glint+dwarf and run some toughness via a few soldier's trinkets + durability rune)

    Post patch probably scrapper as well , but not so much "crush face" and more sustain. You could run scrapper offensively (with some defensive gear) with the bunker down trait though it won't be the best you can do.

    Core guardian is an option that is usually weaker than firebrand but still works as sustain (gear matters a lot).

    Core warrior might make a comeback with the elite banner but it's too early to say without experiencing the patch. Hammer has been a staple in the past.

    If your friend is incredibly skilled at daredevil maybe they can use staff and do the "bound" build , but that's not so much a frontliner as a finishing downs or anyone out of position. You'd likely need marauder gear or some Valkyrie) to not instantly die to backline revenants , weavers, or scourges.

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    In current meta you dont crash anything in frontline since most damage comes from 900+ range. That being said, the only build from HoT which excels in zerg fights as a damage dealer (while not being hard to gear nor play) is herald build link.

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    No mounts without POF.

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