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Elementalist damage [Core ele in PvE and WvW]

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Hey all
In a never player soo.. dont even hit the endgame yet.
But i manadgad to chose the ?most tryhard? class to play.
I love elementalist the theme the efect all form this class but i feel that ele need some love not yust tempest or yust weaver :(
The Core traits are part of the game too especially for free players.
I played the ele trought PoF maps whit Core traits and yes it can be a challenge if i get dismounted and meet some [instert random veteran here] beascue of low hp and no weaponswap
I get it its a need to be balance for high damage.
I trought i do enough or maybe somewhat good damage but after i tryed other classes i realised that isnt true.
In wvw its started wery flustrating [some players have 10K+ hour thier skill lvl is yust better so i ill die sometimes.. many times hahah] so i swiched to reverant and after a week lvling i started trying quit the class in WvW
I trought the PvE experience not enough in wvw evoriment.. but, i was wrong.
The rew was fun to play.. i manadged to kill pepole whit it.
My elementalist has 2100 power 40% + crit cance and 200% + crit damage And so my reverant
Whit hammer i seen one time ( not whit zerg im a beginner roamer ) 10K +.. one skill
Core Elementalist in this setup dont have any skill that can do the same..

Long story short end...
The rev do not more but much more damage whit greather survivability better playability

its the core elementalist melee weapon.. Sounds suicide to go mele whit the lowest survivability possible ?
yust need some evades to its attacks and it will be good. [or much more damage to yustify the kill or be killed theme]
It can do evrithing but why only fire do damage? Air need some damage too
Earth is fine.
i dont used it as much so i cant say if its good or bad.
it has some great ultility skills but agin.. DMG on actual damage skills is yust bad.

Elementalist need a solid dmg buff 15% or higher
Air and water damages need a little buff [especially on dagger water dont do any special efects expect chill and a low heal whit condi remove and its dont yustify the rly low damage]

Auras is need a buff to. I seen here the idea so its yust a repost but i love this so :D
Auras sould be little areas thet damage the enemy if they are in the area (mele range)
In curret state u need get hit to activate the shock aura or frost aura effect.. I tested it, and u kown what? Most of the times it yust dont work due the low range. Same goes for frost aura
magnet aura is good enough [i love deadeyes] fire aura is yust not usable at all.

Huh yust one note.. if its somewhat worse then the normal weapons skills and dont give any special efects then why use them ?

Ice bow : can deal damage but its a little low can heal but meh.. buff the damage little bit beascue its the only possible way to a melee elementalist to swich ranged fight

Lightnight hammer: its good maybe some reduced cds on the skills.

Fire greatsword: Sryusly need reduce cd on that elite skill but its extreme strong.

Fire axe: umm its soo useless i cant say anihing to save it. The damage are laughable (tested in pof)

Earth Shield : as much as i prefer the defensive style in wvw i rather have the arcane shield due it dont need to be summoned.. for 1 sec

¤Save the elementalist! :D
Sorry for my english and thx for read.


  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭

    Need 2400+ power and 190+% crit damage at a minimum on ele, with most people in WvW running fire traitline with full ascended and WvW infusions it can be higher with food/utility (2800-3000).

    You can run air traitline for 20% damage on <50% health targets & extra damage from ferocity bonuses to generate downed.

    Revenant (herald) is much more forgiving. The only time it's worse is when you have ramps/uneven terrain. You can get 3000 power and 220% critical hits easily.

    Fireball is ranged cleave --- good for cannons also
    Lava font is more or less a joke unless people are CCed in it
    Meteor shower requires precasting or quickness otherwise you're likely to die
    Air auto / chain lightning bounces
    Lightning Surge (air 2) does ok damage but requires line of sight
    Eruption (earth 2) is delayed
    Ice spike (Water 2) is delayed

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