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Memorial for Melora Update

This may be a little long, but PLEASE read something heartbreaking has happened to our Guild Wars 2 community.
:00 UTC)
Melora - Amber Lutz, the co-guild leader of the guild DTOP who runs Drytop events (not to be confused with SAND) has very unexpectedly passed away. :( She was at the very young age of the 39, and anyone that had the honor of knowing her, knew what a kind and sweet soul she was, and would do anything to help anyone.

She partnered quite often with the guild SAND, and in the words of Moon herself, 'Mel was a friend to me pretty much the moment we crossed paths out in Dry Top. Melora took over the mantle of DTOP along with Splinka a few years ago, and Mel was consistently receptive to any of my thoughts about joint runs and operations. She was always patient, ready to listen, and more than willing to work with me and all of us here at SAND. I'm so lucky to have had her as a friend and advisor. I'm so happy I knew her. Many will miss her. '

To celebrate Melora, we are having a memorial for her in the Grove, 2:00PM EST (19:00 UTC ) Sunday, March 3, 2019. Please if you can even spare 5 minutes to help us celebrate her we would love to have you.

Also DTOP has organized a fund raiser in Melora's memory for her family.