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Been a big PvE, moderate PVP player because I loved combat in the game. Recently though I found that I've been logging in more not for the PVX aspect of the game, or anything combat, loot or achievement related. I have a few instruments and until a few weeks ago, I didn't play with them often. Now I've grown to spending hours in game playing an practicing songs. Every game that I know of has instruments, but plays songs based on macros. This is probably the first I've played where I can actually play the instrument, and the process of learning songs has been extremely satisfying. Not everything I've played is on the play sheet, so I'm learning the song from scratch. The process of doing this has been theraputic, especially since I haven't been able to afford anything like a flute in real life. I'm very thankful for the effort put towards such a novelty, it actually put my mind in a better place when depressed.


  • Flute is a nice instrument, especially in real life, I wouldn't drop this wish! They are fairly expensive depending on your location. I bought mine I was about 14 years old.
    As for In-Game stuff, I really enjoy playing the Instruments; and I have them all! I just wish that octave swap issue would be fixed by this point, since it is an hindrance on our abilities to play them. As per say, I'm like you and haven't really touched them as much as I used to, because I'm getting slightly frustrated by this small interruption... but at this point it's mostly a waiting game (a waiting game that took place for almost half a year.... which litterally blasts me away...).

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    Instruments are by far one of my favorite aspects of Guild Wars 2. That's not to say I don't enjoy playing through story content, doing Fractals, events and/or partaking daily in World vs. World, etc. But it's the little community of music players in GW2, hanging out in DR, that really attracts me these days. I'd love to see some more introduced. A violin. A piano, while the harp is sort of a piano, a piano with piano sounds would be welcome too. Better drums, oh lord, better drums, please. Instrumental ones, not the tribal ones we currently have that everyone hears differently so they're practically impossible to use in a "band" scenario. Silly things like an instrument that lets you emulate that you whistle melodies with your mouth would be fun too. More please, ArenaNet, I will give you cash for instruments.

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    I'm glad the OP is enjoying the instruments. They can be a lot of fun.

    @WyvrnRipsnarl.5918 said:
    I just wish that octave swap issue would be fixed by this point, since it is an hindrance on our abilities to play them.

    Yes. This is a major issue in the music community, and unfortunately hasn't been addressed since the bug was introduced in November. It really impedes the ability to do complex songs. Three-octave instruments are particularly affected. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  • @Deimos.4263 said:
    Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    It is on the work... like I mentionned in another Thread I have contacted CS about the issue; but I however strongly feel like that this bug hasn't been pushed high enough in priority, for how many of the community got affected by it. Yes fair, not the majority, but our numbers are still a decent amount.

    No official Statement since Gaile in January. Considering the bug have been present since November 26th for most, September for even more unluckier players.

    I have the feeling if we want something to happen faster we need to push it stronger... but I do compathize with the Devs for the recent events of Early March... this is still very saddening that a bug no matter what it is, being an Ex-QA myself, take so much time to be fixed... We are really approaching 5 months since the issue exists.

    If a Dev read this, and would like to make a more open statement about the progress on this... I think more than only I are awaiting a more acknowledgement statement if not a Progress Statement. And yes, I know I ramble after having Contacted Customer Support almost 2 weeks ago.

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    Please Anet make a multi-octave-keybind-fully-chromatic instrument with minimal lag.
    Ill pay you 30 bucks and ill try to get my friends to buy it too.

  • I know Anet has a lot on their plate - but it's been 6-months now. 6-months. Musical instruments were such a large part of my gameplay and I've found myself playing less and less as music was a fun social aspect of the game. I really hope this is seen to before another 6-months passes, let's not make it a year.

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