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Lore inmersive activities

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Hey guys, to all of you who enjoy lore the most, what is your favourite activity you do in gw2 to feel a good bunch of inmersion into gw2 lore and it's magic?
I personally like map completion, casual dungeon paths and re-doing some LW stories with new chars.


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    Is there anything else in terms of lore? :D

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    Dungeons was the thing the most tied to lores... But you also have also Personal Story choices very interesting concerning your races and some we never speak about. After that, welp, I would say just explore maps/stories seeking for Easter eggs, cool little ambient dialogues...

    PS-> If you have a toon which is member of Order of Whisper, you can seek all around the world some agents under covers, generally they tell you very cool lore- related things, or rare pieces of information. Little hints to start: Go to port authority Rata Sum, and Substrata level of Rata Sum.

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    @castlemanic.3198 said:
    rp walking and talking to npcs. I haven't had the urge to do so in a while, but man there is a lot you can find out and discover by talking to npcs and just slowing down every once in a while. I'm VERY guilty of hopping on my mount and going everywhere, so it's been nice to just wander around with the casual outfit and a low level weapon like a staff to just walk around and just SEE everything. Lore wise nobody runs around 24/7 fighting things every moment so slowing down, talking to npcs and occasionally visiting the home instance has been the most immersive non-living world thing i've done personally.

    You make me curious now on how long it will take to RP walk all the way to Elona.

    In the beginning...there was Tarnished Coast...

  • For me, playing GW1 next to GW2 is lore immersive! It's fun to see the old and new locations side by side.

  • Thanks for the replies guys! I'm actually going for the druid stone backpack in that same slow peace.

  • Honestly my favorite immersive thing to do is just aimlessly do whatever events are nearby. Maps that have a good mix of one-off events and long chains are the best.

    Probably my favorite RP/lore experience was just the first time I got my human guardian to Harathi Hinterlands. I was sort of imagining him as a Seraph rising through the ranks during the centaurs war and Harathi Hinterlands just blew me away.

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    Playing HoT as a sylvari — that’s the most into the story I’ve been! =)