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Please stop the update of Guild Wars 2 and develop Guild Wars 3



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    @Astralporing.1957 said:
    Then why do you think that another game by the same team would be different for you? Most of the problems GW2 has now are not engine problems. If devs weren't able to fix them till now, there's no indicatuon that they would be to do so in a new game.

    A fresh start and not being bound to 7 years of didn't-know-they-were-bad-at-the-time decisions would afford the opportunity to make a better game, especially when backed by tons of metrics (hopefully with proper interpretation...) and a plan to build in features that were tack-ons before.
    It's no guarantee that a better game would come out of it, because the same conceptual designers might carry over, but some things like the attribute system and crafting are better to raze entirely and not repeat them as mistakes.

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  • @huluobo.7036 said:

    @Ayrilana.1396 said:
    If GW2 didn’t attract those who still play GW1 then GW3 likely wouldn’t.

    I vote no for GW3.

    That's because Guild Wars 1 can't jump, no wvw, no mounts

    you could jump in gw1...../jump
    and alliance battles > wvw

  • Personally I'd love to see some stuff from GW1 ported over to GW2 (especially some of the necro armor skins) and the special weapons that could be obtained from the named bosses/mini-bosses. They were Green weapons/items in GW1 and would probably be ascended in GW2.
    And I still think a time traveling story line would be cool. Go back and visit locations that were highlights in GW1.

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    edited October 10, 2019

    Anet just need to tune classes and skill design more towards gw1.

    Gw2 issue it’s just a suicide balance problem... To much aoe spam and powercreep gameplay.

    If they managed learn tho counter their ideals of how a game carry its a good thing, they could start thinking in growing game mechanics that could serve game mode game wide.

    That the only thing they need to improve... or learn...

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