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Unbound and volatile magic farming event

  • What: farming unbound and volatile magic in different areas. Maybe even other materials like T5 and T6 materials
  • When: often each night if numbers permit
  • How: engineer turrets in specific locations while using mortar Elite to pull mobs into the turrets this however is not AFK farming as you were actively attacking and pulling mobs. Ready checks with the commander tag will be done often and anyone AFK with skills up will be kicked.
  • Why: Engineers just do it better it lowers the effort and the payout is greater especially when everyone works together. Do you remember the lake Doric prior to the trebuchet fire is being added? The engineer Guild we run are dedicated to finding farming spots that have legitimate drop rates for anything viable such as materials or map currencies. We do eventually share them with the public but we also have Scouts dedicated to finding new and fun spots.

** if you follow the rule of 3 and you violate all at the same time you are in violation of unattended play and can be subject to punishment. If you place any turrets down and are AFK and failed to Hale responses by GM's in game you may be subject to punishment. All you need to do if you need to step away from the computer assembly detonate your turrets or log out to the character select screen to save your location. Anyone actively using their turrets and refreshing them or helping pool is considered actively playing their game and should not be subject to punishment**

Anyone interested in bringing their Engineers along just leave a p.m. in my inbox