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Team chat from EotM visible in Mist War and vice versa

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What the title says. Is this intended? Maybe for the higher population it is, but long term this is just toxicity.


  • Maybe it has to do with the new WvW Lounge, chatting in WvW.

  • i don't mind this, but it doesn't show what map they are in which is annoy. it should get a [lounge] and [eotm] prefix.

  • No good. Undo this, please.

  • This is intended because in EotM your were cut off from everything else in wvw and your server . I did complain about this also seeing the maps details would be nice.(maybe it is I should take a look from EotM). The idea for me behind this is that you can take supplies with you and you can ask where you can enter a ws if everything is full and maybe more.

    Also as an idea if they ever add a match up reward system which I believe should be a indirect system where you get a special currency then you also can farm them on EotM . Which gives the players something meaning full to do if everything is full or if you are losing for sure the match up you can switch to EotM to get those extra boost in the beginning of the a new match up or whatever it brings.

    About the toxicity of the chat well this is your server and the people on it. You can block some of the worst offenders but for the most part you have to work together with them.

  • Etria.3642Etria.3642 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Please let us be able to block the eotm garbage. I still want to see the rest of team chat but eotm folks are clogging up team chat worse than the worst of trolls all unintentionally. I get that they are just asking questions about the mount and most probably don't realize their callouts go to every map but blech. Just scrolling and scrolling and I miss things I'd rather not.

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