Wells and SoI are unfun and shouldn't be mandatory for support builds. Give us alternatives please. — Guild Wars 2 Forums

Wells and SoI are unfun and shouldn't be mandatory for support builds. Give us alternatives please.

Vincenzo.3145Vincenzo.3145 Member ✭✭✭

Really. Nobody stands in them. They take up a utility slot. Can't even be used underwater. And they depend on SoI rather than bolster it. Gone are the times when I can just pop my shatters while running Bountiful Disillusionment and just share those boons with the party without having to rely on wells. All the utilities of Mesmer are great, but moot in lieu of DPS so they might as well not even exist unless you're out of combat and porting peeps. Though portal has in combat uses, I see little reason to take it over wells. On the other hand, I'm having fun on Scourge with Sand Swell because I'm not forced to take any specific to be a support because there is more than one way to do it. To me, Scourge is the new Chrono because it's a support spec with utility that allows me to have both and it's fun. Sand Shades go off when I place them. They do things when I tell them to. Wells kinda just make sounds at people who are none the wiser. Chrono is no longer a support. It's just an Alacrity/Quickness bot that does damage. Boonshare while also a boonbot was actually much more engaging. Had a complex rotation that was not only fun, but not even mandatory. It was actually pretty easy to pick up and fun to learn the various interactions between skills. I'm not asking to undo the SoI nerf. But a good compromise would be to choose between having a 10-man SoI that extends and a smaller SoI that shares our boons. As Chronos, as Mesmers, or even Mirages we should have options like any other class that allows us to put out boons without being forced to min/max the raid meta which is all boonshare seems to be balanced around these days. I don't even raid. I'm just a casual PvE'er who likes helping others but doesn't really enjoy Herald, Renegade, or Firebrand and wants his playstyle back.

Screw the meta.


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