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Weaver Mount Bug

Before I post this in the bugs sub, I wanted to ask weaver players about dual attuning issues that occur due to mounting and dismounting, or changing maps. The problem I face as as follows: skills 1/2/4/5 are messed up and are now main hand, while 3 remains a dual attack. The problem is not just visually, you can't fully attune to gain the extra damage from EoR although the weaver bar and the attunement icons show that I am dual attuned, but the bonus from Elemental Polyphony doesn't give both benefits, so everything is contradicting the other on whether I am dual attuned or not.

This issue cause me to stay fully attuned to one element before mounting or changing maps all the time so the skills' bar isn't messed up (with the bonuses) and this actually affects the opener or reaching out for MS quickly with the introduction of mounts in WvW because I try to MS with EoR bonus.

The question is; does anyone else face this issue?

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    Just don't mount up instantly after swapping attunements. That half second you "save" by mounting quicker will result in mobs dying 2 seconds later because you didn't have your damage modifiers.

    While it can be clunky to get used to, it's not really combat breaking and can easily be avoided.

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