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Just make warclaw a novelty chair.

Shadow Order.7258Shadow Order.7258 Member ✭✭✭

It'll make the gankers happy.


  • It wont stop till they can one shot you and outrun you even with the mount so they can go back to farm the spawn of the less populated server, and thus making the potencial new ppl go away cause they cant outrun them as they also block the keep waypoint if there is one, also running one shot builds and calling abusing new players and then run away when average to good players come around "small scale fights", by then the mount will probably be a vanity item so might be a good idea to add a novelty warclaw in the chair section, i agree.

    Im just mad i wont use the mount in pve anymore, the leap was good, not as good as the raptor but was useful, it was great while it lasted.

  • Duckota.4769Duckota.4769 Member ✭✭✭

    More people upset and calling anyone who beats them a ganker. Seriously. Just get good and stop taking your losses so personally. Try to learn from them. Why were you out of position to get 'ganked'. I look for outnumbered fights most of the time. I lose most of them because I'm obviously outnumbered, but I have a blast and I get better as time goes. I still lose. Not often in 1v1s but I find the occasional person I realize is well above my skill level and I'd be hard pressed to take a single W off them. I run back and try to fight them again. And again. And again. To get better. Its much easier to just ask for duels though and get the fights in a respectful way. They're also more likely to offer constructive criticism.

  • MaxosStrife.9642MaxosStrife.9642 Member
    edited March 8, 2019

    I dont think anyone here called anyone who beats another person a ganker, OP just said:

    @Shadow Order.7258 said:
    It'll make the gankers happy.

    As to what gankers are, well, thats another story.
    The only thing im upset about is that i cant show off the mount in pve anymore outside of LA :persevere:
    I just think the ppl that get left behind and get killed actually can learn about their class and to position themselves better, thats different from actuallly getting ganked just outside of their spawn by the same ppl cause their class could not outrun a malicious backstab thief or a group of ppl with healers/one shot builds, that happends sometimes on less populated servers or when a server gives up after a rough start for the rest of the week.

    PS: The mount only makes it so you can fight the ppl that actually want to fight and have builds for that instead of the ones that are made for zerg fights and are obvioulsy gonna lose, i think that actually can make you get way better by being in way better fights.

  • DemonSeed.3528DemonSeed.3528 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Just an idea, but maybe players under a certain rank can be given safe haven to reach/wp to keep if under a certain rank, or having been in WvW [their wvw lifetime] for under a certain period [this is up to discretion how long one would think a new player would learn the ropes] so they can be exempt from spawn camping. People refuse to learn that there are 3 exits [not really fault of new players - long time players is another story]. Maybe mark red players for these new people on the map as a crutch as they get out of spawn area but that's it.
    I'm afraid this game has devolved into too many safety havens and crutches and people refusing to learn things from how to travel, use map terrains to the fullest according to class, shortcuts, how to not get caught in open field, how to avoid red circles, avoiding places that are popular for thief/mesmer/roamer traffic or ganking, refusing to learn their traits/weapon skills/utilities, how to swap them out of combat, the list goes on... The mount is here, might as well give these people their cake too. I don't mind if the conveniences are given to players UNDER a certain rank but that is about it. It can help them learn the map and escape possible encounters, but it shouldn't hold their hand forever.

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