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Scourges- Trait- Harbinger Shroud "glitched?"

I was testing out the new Harbinger Shroud, and it says in the game right now, That first you gain a powerful barrier, and then after the 3.5 seconds the shade explodes dealing damage, giving allies barrier, applying stacks of torment, and converting 2 boons into conditions.

I think the idea behind this trait is great and all but I have a few problems with it. What it says and what happens in game are 2 completely different things.

  1. In the text it says on the pulse, it converts 2 boons into conditions. However, what happens actually is on the pulse it only applies the damage and the torment and not the converting of the boons into conditions. However when i have the skill traited, I noticed it acts a lot like the old trait that this one was suppose to replace. When i summon a sand shade onto and enemy with boons on them it converts 1 boon into a condition, which is exactly what the old trait did. I feel like this trait needs to be fixed in that aspect, or be reworded because there is no instance where it does convert 2 boons into conditions.
  2. In the text of Harbinger Shroud it says "Pulses: 7" Which does not make sense for this new skill because it only does 1 pulse.
  3. It is a little unclear what the trait says under what the new shade does "Targets can only be affected by this skill once per activation" This is unclear to me because I am unsure does that mean only enemies can only be affected by this shade once? and would that be implied sense it only explodes once? Or does it mean can an enemy only be affected once per scourge so if there are 2 scourges and they both use this trait do both apply? The wording of the trait is very weird and unclear to me and maybe other players.
  4. When you have the smaller sand shades the visual affect on it goes way past what is the actual area affect, is that suppose to happen? I thought the visual of the aoe would match the description/radius of 180 in the description. Its very hard to understand where exactly it is hitting whether it is in the 180 radius like it says or in a larger one.

Overall There are a lot of things wrong with the trait and I think they need to be looked into. I really like the idea behind the trait and really want to use it, but it feels so clunky and things don't line up with what is actually happening.
P.S.- The visual of the new trait is just the axe 3 for necromancer and it doesn't actually look like its pulsing out from the sand shade like everything else the sand shade does. Personally I would have it changed, but that's just me.


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    @Tacwizard.4605 said:
    2. In the text of Harbinger Shroud it says "Pulses: 7" Which does not make sense for this new skill because it only does 1 pulse.

    i at first thought the corrupts would pulse 7 times in that 3,5s delay of the burst. but it doesnt seem to corrupt any boons at all.

    also replacing the shade while it is active keeps the shroud at the old location, while desert shroud moves with the new placed shade. while this might not be a bug, i would love if it did move too.

    read this, become a better player now.

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    I think this whole trait needs to be reworked, it is not useful to be honest and most people are just switching to one of the other two traits, in my estimation all three traits should be of some value but this 3 second delay is pretty laughable things are rarely in its area when it goes off.

    But in regards to OP's Post I too am very interested which of the following this trait is suppose to do:
    1. The target can be hit by both the necro and shade if the necro is standing with the target in the shade area,
    2. this trait means two necros can not cast this shade on one target.
    3. OR worst case scenario a target can only take damage from either the shade or the necro, nor can it take damage from other necros.

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