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[KOTA] Knights of the Apocalypse
NA | Semi-Hardcore | PvX | Heavy PvP | Active | 18+ Mature | Ehmry bay

Discord: https://discord.gg/a7QQkBK

Brief About Us: We are a Semi-Hardcore PvX guild, however we are heavily based around PvP and Sieges. Our community has been around for more than 12 years, spanning from ArcheAge, Black Desert Online, World of Warcraft, Gloria Victis, Mount and Blade, and more. We are an 18+ guild looking for passionate, war-driven, unique individuals looking to expand and conquer in this upcoming game.

Member Base: Our community has over 200+ members.

Current Activity: We currently play Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, Black Desert Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and waiting for several upcoming games. We have an expansive community usually willing to play about anything with others.

Ranking: We do have a rank system where new members enter a trial period in order to assess socialization skills and activity level. We are aware that everyone has their own life going on so we are fairly lenient with activity as long as we have people when it really counts. There are designated Warband leaders, community and game officers, as well as a variety of other organization and event planners for functionality.

Game Objectives: PvP, WvW, Raiding

If you are interested please feel free to drop into discord and chat with us or message here, ask questions and so forth.


  • I've been with this guild for 3 years. Originally from BDO where I met them. The community is great and they take the time to help you out with anything from computer issues and rigs to game information or general misc questions that don't even need to make sense. The people are kind, a little rowdy at times and sometimes R-rated but they know how to get it done. :bleep_bloop:
    A couple of the games I've played with them: ArcheAge, Black Desert Online, 7 Days to Die, Atlas, ARK, Conan Exiles, and Guild Wars 2.
    The guild is a multi-game community and are a little excessive/competitive when it comes to PvP, but otherwise a great group of people.
    Check them out if you're interested. I doubt you'll regret it. :)

  • I've been with KOTA for a couple years now. I met some of their crew in another guild in Archeage 3.0, and had so much fun I moved on from game to game with them. Really awesome, down to earth folks, who are always ready and willing to help out a guild mate or pitch in for the greater guild cause. All the while shooting the kitten in discord and having a good time. Volderen, the GM, is very approachable. It's not often I've seen people like Vold and the crew bend over backwards to make sure everyone has a good time. If you're not looking to join a guild solely to meet your goals in game, but also to make good friends and maybe find a gaming home, look no further.

  • I have been with this community for 6 years and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to call family and friends. The GM and officers are down to earth and extremely helpful. If you are looking for a family With a good bunch of people to game and be down with. This is the guild for you.

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    I have been in KOTA for about 5 years and they are some of the closest friends and family that I've ever had in or out of a game. We banter like brothers and sisters, we don't stand for other people's bull, and we have each other's backs no matter what. You will not find a more tight knit and loyal guild no matter how long and hard you look.

  • Being a part of [WAR] I can tell you first hand. These guys are great, super fun to work with, great communication, friendly; We love you guys. Last night was awesome, great group of players

  • KOTA isn't just another Guild you join and play with for a few weeks. You join KOTA because you're looking for a good guild that participates in the content you're interested in. You STAY with KOTA because they become the friends and family you've always wanted. We are not just dedicated to the games we play, but also to each other. Now join us and forfeit your souls to our cause, be the pawns you know you are.

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    Also our updated discord info is https://discord.gg/GgdkpDq