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What do you appreciate about GW2? [A Positive Thread]

I have been with GW2 since its release and as someone who never got to experience the vanilla WOW days, GW2 has become my World of Warcraft. Since the layoffs I felt really bummed because the last thing I want is to lose this game that I have enjoyed so much. So lets create a positive thread highlighting what we appreciate about GW2 for some morale boosts. I appreciate everyones genuineness and vulnerability in this thread :)

I appreciate their ingenuity and their commitment to remain a free to play game with minimal pay-to-win options.

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  • That I can leave right now, come back in a year or so, and still be fine. Since you can stat swap with ascended, plus zerker having been relevant since like the dawn of time. Even if things go wonky with current builds. Unless some stupid massive shifts happen. I can literally leave for an extended period of time, but return and hit the ground running.

    That type of security is very much appreciated.

  • Aeolus.3615Aeolus.3615 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Model movement while while in combat, the combat animation flows... JUST THE MODEL ANIMATIONS im talking about.

  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Great open world designs, excluding PoF and most of LWS4.

    Great combat mechanics.

  • Adul.1520Adul.1520 Member ✭✭

    GW2 has many good things going for it. It has great concept work, top quality art and animations, enjoyable exploration/combat gameplay loops, great level design... pretty much everything that has to do with visual design and general gameplay is exceptional in GW2, especially when compared to most other MMOs.

    I also appreciate that their business model is not as predatory as some of the others I've seen.

  • stone cold.8609stone cold.8609 Member ✭✭✭
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    Asura and the Engineer profession.

  • Cerioth.7062Cerioth.7062 Member ✭✭✭

    Everything. And charrs.

  • Neural.1824Neural.1824 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @AlexxxDelta.1806 said:
    That in a genre full of scammy practices aiming at milking your bank account to the last penny, it is not the worst offender of the bunch.

    The really sad things is that GW2/Anet has that status too. "not the worst offender"

    As to the topic:

    GW2 as an environment is a beautiful game. From the zones themselves which offer a wide variety that reflect many real world locations (hey Anet, we need a map like the "Tepui" plateaus in Southern Venezuela still :D) to the armor and weapons.
    The people who do the ground work for GW2 when it comes to the appearance are underappreciated and certainly underpaid.
    There are a couple annoyances such as not being able to dye back pieces, but over all, the character customization is pretty extensive too, and from what I've seen, there is at least an attempt to incorporate user accessible dye colors into weapons and back pieces.
    For example, my most recent character, throughout her development as I did world completion, wound up taking on the theme of the Equinox weapons.

    And it's not too difficult to find many of the amazing cosplays people have done. From Ronald McDonald to the Scooby-Doo gang, to various superheroes, this game offers a huge variety of possibilities that allow for a lot of creativity (except town clothes. R.I.P. the "Two-ters" outfit by Bubbles).

    While WvW affected me negatively in the past, as a game mode it is a great idea, and, in my opinion, has a vast ocean of un-used potential.

    Fractals could be an entire MMO in themselves. I had hoped many years ago that instead of going the route of raids, that Anet would have introduced raids as a version of fractals, but apparently mechanics changes were in the way. Anyway, Fractals are by far have the biggest potential for new and varied content, from visual to challenge level, etc.

    Another thing that stands out to me is the animations. It's easy enough to throw some markers on a person and do a motion capture of a person waving to greet a friend, but watch the animations for the spiders in this game. Better yet, watch the animations on the mounts. There is a high level of "immersion" when it comes to how the characters/NPC's move in GW2. There is an attention to detail that just makes it easy to believe that these creatures would move just like that if they were real (given, some animation certainly comes through observance of real world creatures like spiders, etc.). Sure, they aren't all perfect, but overall the quality is great.

    Sound design is also great. From ambient sounds to the weapon sounds (for me, one of the most rewarding parts of completing HOPE was the first time using as a dual pistol thief).

    Soul-binding needs to be allowed to die gracefully. It has expired. It is long past it's time to become a footnote in the history of gaming.

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    The fact that a power based mid range run & gun style build with access to HP reg on hit exists.

    The initiative system thief is using.

    HOPE + Unload

    The Sublime Mistforged Triumphant Hero's chestwear (however I don't appreciate the ridiculous level requirement, 200 would have been more than enough).

    The superior rune of the ogre.

    The Mistlock Sanctuary.

    The fact that this game doesn't use a subscription model.

    The option to trade gold for gemstones.

  • Goettel.4389Goettel.4389 Member ✭✭✭

    Meta events, alt QoL, the music & best mounts anywhere.

  • yohoia.1850yohoia.1850 Member ✭✭

    Action combat system
    Lore (loved it since GW1)
    Best mount system in any game
    Visual beauty
    Not P2W
    Meta events (playing with others without tedious planning)

  • Asum.4960Asum.4960 Member ✭✭✭
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    No subscription fee, meaning I don't have to constantly think about if I'm getting my moneys worth, or feeling forced to play when I don't feel like it for a bit, because I already paid.
    As well as the ability to take a break without really falling behind power wise to tackle new content when coming back.

    No straight up pay to win Microtransactions/Lootboxes.
    No gambling for gear progression, be it ingame, or with "solutions" provided in the cashshop only.

    The game respects your time more than most MMO's,
    No meaningless gear progression, wasting time with grinding over an over.
    Swapping a build can be done in a matter of seconds for free. No need to level an entire new character from scratch, or pay real money to reset an existing one, just to try out a different build.

    Elite Specialisations providing a somewhat new take on existing professions to re-explore the game with.

    The active combat system, which puts an emphasis on player skill to overcome challenges, not just stat/gear checks, especially for
    engaging group content like Fractals and Raids.

    The beautiful environments to explore.

    The option to acquire (at least most) Cash Shop items with enough in game gold, without being forced to participate in gambling.

    The variety of gamemodes and activities, providing alternatives to play when burning out on one thing or the other.

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    @DiabolicalHamSandwich.8756 said:
    That I can leave right now, come back in a year or so, and still be fine. Since you can stat swap with ascended, plus zerker having been relevant since like the dawn of time. Even if things go wonky with current builds. Unless some stupid massive shifts happen. I can literally leave for an extended period of time, but return and hit the ground running.

    That type of security is very much appreciated.

    Definitely this for me too.

  • castlemanic.3198castlemanic.3198 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    The ingenuity of the mount system and how each mount has it's own uses (and for me that does include warclaw).
    the lore, just so many aspects of it, such as you being the hero of the world.
    the art and aesthetic of the world.
    all of the classes and how unique they are from similar types of classes (and the uniqueness of the revenant is exciting, at least from a lore standpoint). I could list my favourite things about each class and each elite spec but i have other points i want to get to.
    honestly? same applies to the races and the cultural design of each race. it's wonderful and so enjoyable.
    the combat system.
    the shiny skins and stuff.
    living world as a means of continually producing content.
    palawa joko
    dragon's watch
    the voice acting
    honestly? i don't play wvw that much, the warclaw gave me the motivation to try it out again and i'm enjoying it. siege warfare is awesome even if i don't have a meta build. I'm excited to gain enough levels to get the chain pull on the warclaw.
    gliding is seriously appreciated as an exploration tool.
    commander/catmander tags

    i just appreciate so much about this game and i'll continue to play it and follow it every way that i can

    EDIT: and also what diaboical ham sandwhich said. power level security and stuff no matter how long a hiatus i take.

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    I like here there are a billion things to do at any one moment and that you arent restricted by subscription fees in that you feel you should get your moneys worth.

    I like that I can run around on a raptor( I call it yoshi) and use it to jump from place to place in a large leap.

    I like that the expansion packs added new areas of the game that are innovative and fresh and theres always something going on somewhere. It is at times difficult to let go of GW2 and go do something else, like I NEED to stay in game.

    I like that I havent seen everything presented so far, and that theres so much to do.

    Theres always good conversation going on somewhere, probably in LA, but also in mist lock.

    I wish they'd nerf me.

  • Gop.8713Gop.8713 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I appreciate the grind, or more specifically that the grind is more or less equally available to everyone regardless of rl money spent or even player skill. If you are willing to spend time playing the game, you have access to everything the game has to offer. That is rare . . .

  • The scale of the world bosses and meta events are incredible. A lot of times they are just zerg-fests but IDGAF. They're still super fun.

    And also, I'd be hardpressed to find a more beautiful game. Graphically, the game is not cutting edge, but I'm talking about the attention to detail in a lot of the zones. There is dialogue between NPCs that I would never give a second thought. Also there's tons of POI's, unmarked encampments and things of that nature that I pass on the way to something else. When I slow down to pay attention to the little things, I am blown away at how much this game has to offer in regards to immersion.

  • TheQuickFox.3826TheQuickFox.3826 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Since 2006, Guild Wars and (since 2012) GW2 have been part of my life.
    I love the universe, I love the journey, my characters and the achievements I made along the way.

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  • trev.1045trev.1045 Member ✭✭✭

    As a noob ex wow player

    Love the events, they really work for me and love the way they chain depending on outcome

    Absolutely hooked on the personal story (just chapter 8 to go now)- really hope LWS2 turns out to be as good.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Whereas I enjoy a lot lores, the races, their backstories even easter eggs within the maps. I feel like it's the less developped aspect of the game which is sad. A shame. Sure you have ambient dialogues but welp. I do appreciate the last achiev they added concerning the warclaw backstory "sauvage scholar" that what I'm looking for, if told by npcs it's even better.

  • Turkeyspit.3965Turkeyspit.3965 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    All content remains relevant for characters of all levels. Whether it's the latest LS map or a 0-15 level zone, the game gives us many reasons to visit both maps repeatedly, and the level scaling technology works very well. Unlike other MMOs where after an expansion launches, the maps from previous expansions are populated only by players leveling new characters or farming for specific drops/skins/achievements, GW2 manages to keep the entire world alive, enriching the experience of those leveling new characters, or farming on max level ones.

  • Mea.5491Mea.5491 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    HoT's map-wide meta events and SW/Dry Top. It's where GW2 shines and we really need more of these. The real massively multiplayer experience! I hate it when MMOs lock their playerbase away in claustrophobic instances at endgame.

  • Absconditus.6804Absconditus.6804 Member ✭✭✭
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    The wonderfully crafted world design. Meta events. While dated and I wish there were new ones, dungeons. Fractals. Raids (although I don't partake in that aspect of the game anymore due to the elitist nature of the small subset of players that have "overtaken" the mode, that consistently seems to do anything they can to deter fresh blood from entering with all their criterias, and thus don't allow the scene to grow, which would make it more appealing for ArenaNet to develop content for it ;) ). The lore and overall story. The combat system. More recently the way they went about introducing mounts, giving them unique uses and them not just being means of transportation. The Buy Once, Play For Free aspect of the game. World vs. World, even more now with the recent Warclaw addition. That they actually allow for Gold to be converted to Gems and vice versa. The instruments. God how I love the instruments (and I hope to see more in the future like a string instrument (e.g., violin)). Underwater combat (even though it could use some work, I genuinely hope to see an underwater WvW borderland at some point with reworked underwater combat and mechanics as well as fully submerged maps out in the sea). There's just so much that I love about this game. This is just a fraction of the reasons.

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  • Ok so while we discuss and object to certain things how they are done, why they did that or this etc. Lets take a moment and list what you love about GW2 the most.
    For me I find the community ( as a whole ) has been incredible and supportive. I have never had an issue finding the answer to a question or how to go about doing this or that. I’ve had countless people offer to assist me in quests and story if I needed any help.
    While I enjoy going Rogue and just running around doing my own thing. I do find it quite enjoyable doing events that require groups gathered together to beat someone down ( boss ).
    Mesmers. Love these peeps LOL without which I would be much more frustrated as this white man can’t jump and jumping puzzles leave me dying over and over and over again LOL. There is always someone willing to port me where I need to be even when they see my frustration and me going head on again and again and again and again lol.
    The artwork is incredible and stunning. The entire world that has been created always blows my mind with the tiny details put into place in ever area. Graphics are amazing as are the character designs selections and details.
    What are some of the things you Love about GW2?

  • Dreamy Lu.3865Dreamy Lu.3865 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    All what you say is true and my list of what I love in the game would be too long. I will therefore share about the 2 things I love the most in the game:

    • The variety of activities and free choice to do them or not.
    • The incredible - close to never ending - list of existing achievements all types and again free choice to do them or not.

    Globally, there are lot of things to do and nothing is mandatory. This allows each of us to take what he/she like and ignore the rest. I enjoy the variety and the freedom. <3

    I'm out of my mind, feel free to leave a message...

  • Biff.5312Biff.5312 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The first things that impressed me when I started playing were the elimination of elements that make players bitterly competitive (such as no competition for nodes, no 'kill-stealing' etc.), and the minimizing of the need to 'farm'. This is the first MMO I've played where I didn't do ANY farming until I decided that I wanted something that was not necessary to play, and it was therefor my choice entirely whether to bother. Even now that I farm ascended mats, it's not a pain like it can be in other games.

  • zityz.6089zityz.6089 Member ✭✭

    Guild Wars ( in general) feels like one of the most organic looking worlds to be in. The lore feels organic, the races, people story. I have played other MMO's and they do just feel like by the numbers MMO's, some of them do look great, but it's ruined by " KILL XX AMOUNTS OF THINGS!".

    With Guild Wars, Aside from story missions, you don't HAVE to do any of the side things, and it will still feel natural. Hearts having the option to do multiple things to take care of it is nice.

    That and there always is a mystery behind stuff.

  • Wvw is the best server based pvp in any mmo game

  • Tycura.1982Tycura.1982 Member ✭✭✭
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    SPvp goer here, escaped from the salt mines to comment.

    The PvP combat is fast paced and thrilling in ways that very few MMOs can match.

    The combo system is totally the best part of the combat as it rewards intuitive use of skills and some classes (like engie) need it to function at peak. Frankly I wish there were more combos.

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