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Discussion about elite spec ideas based on WP's and Boott's latest video

I believe that it's time we once again discussed the prospects of a new elementalist elite spec. It is evident that ArenaNet looks to the forums for possible elite specs ideas, as this is how the weaver came to be. Let's try to make sure that this time it is a spec that turns out to be more useful. Woodenpotatoes and Bootts made a speculation video with their own elite spec ideas.

Woodenpotatoes went with the rather obvious 5th element arcanist spec, but with a few twists. Especially when it comes to the new utility skills. Bootts went with a rather unique world shaper spec, where you can manipulate the environment around you. Personally, I believe that the world shaper idea is very unique and innovative and I would like to see something based on it eventually. Maybe something like that would be nice as a 4th elite spec if it could be implemented properly, which admittedly would be pretty difficult.

However, it is apparent that currently elementalist is in dire need of something like arcanist, which would likely compensate for the huge weaknesses that ele has in competitive modes. This is unless Anet actually reworks core ele, which I do not see happening. Arcanist's crit focused theme could make going aggressive easier due to the removal of precision reliance plus quicker arcane weapon skills that actually land, since one of the themes of arcane is quick casting. We all know how much ArenaNet loves theme. I imagine the arcane weapon skills would not be instant, but they would have quicker cast times and smaller aftercasts and delays than skills from other attunements.

I do not have anything else to add right now, but I wanted to start a discussion over these ideas and whatever other ideas the elementalist community may have. Feel free to post your own idea or commentary on the ideas that were proposed in the video.


  • Stallic.2397Stallic.2397 Member ✭✭✭

    Haha, I just saw this video early today! It's good to hear his videos are getting so much traction. Loved the arcanist idea. Like you said, it's a cool buff for a core ele theme.

    It'll need some defense and barrier implementation. But otherwise good. Main hand dagger plus a 900 range scepter would be interesting for spvp

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