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[EU] Experienced Raidstatic

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we are currently looking for 3 experienced players to fill our roster again. Our focus lies on the perfect balance of smooth/relaxed and speedy clears.

What we offer:

  • Raidtimes: Monday and Thursday, 8 pm to 10 pm UTC+1
  • We are all raid veterans that have been clearing raids together for quite some time
  • While we speak mostly german in TS raid related stuff will be discussed in english
  • We will do raid progression for the new wing hopefully released soon

What we want:

  • We are looking mainly for punctual and reliable players.
  • Theres no "carrying through" with us, no "someone else will do it" mentality. Everyone contributes equally.
  • While we dont need you to be top 10 in LI ranking, enough experience to immediately fill your roles is required.

Classes/Roles currently open:

Boon chrono:
Build: Berserker + diviner, a bit tankier for Desmina tanking
Special jobs: 2nd tank on Desmina, portals on W3, green3 at Dhuum

Boon druid/tempest/herald:
Build: Harrier or berserker, depends on alacrigade
Special Jobs: Seeker control at VG, pushing out golems at Desmina, kiting (+ green2) at Dhuum

Build: Diviner or Harrier
Special Jobs: CC everywhere theres a blue bar, black kite at Deimos, green2 at Dhuum, patriarch tank at Qadim

Cleave/Utility DPS:
Special Jobs: Add control on W1-W2, as well as on MO, Deimos and Desmina. We'd prefer a "main" necro for this, power reaper and condi scourge. But are open for other suggestions ofc.

You can reach me via forum here or per ig mail, write a small text as to which role you'd prefer, what you can offer etc. Im not a big fan of golem trials, instead the trial will happen during raid days.