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Simple build for leveling a guardian

Hello everyone!

My gf just started leveling guardian and she seeks simple build for nostress open world leveling. She's quite new in mmo type games. I know from her that she likes staff and gs. Any suggestions (traits/utility skills/weapons/rotation)?


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    @jackowskig.3905 said:
    Hello everyone!

    My gf just started leveling guardian and she seeks simple build for nostress open world leveling. She's quite new in mmo type games. I know from her that she likes staff and gs. Any suggestions (traits/utility skills/weapons/rotation)?

    I would say start with staff, scepter and Greatsword. to get eased in.

    Scepter would allow to start out fighting from a distance before comitting to a fight,
    Staff has healing and range which is good for a new person. The ward can help keep back some enemies but at later levels when foes become more numberous and she has a gasp of the game, I would say drop the staff after awhile when she is ready, as thats more for healing and support and grab a scepter and focus. Unless she wants to play healer. The staff's last two skills are supportive so for a rookie playing about in the core maps those two skills are needed that much.
    Greatsword on guardian is great in general and will help her get use to close combat. the AoE on the 2nd will help her deal with multiple foes that are close by.
    Either would do to help ease a new person to the game

    For an off-hand weapon I would reccomend Focus to go along with scepter. Focus has a ranged attack and has block for safety, for when she is gets in a little trouble.

    When has the ability to switch weapons (should be level 10 or 11) give her the Greatsword as a secondary weapon. As it will offer up a lot damge in builds.
    When she has the raidance tratline unlocked, the Greatsword 4 and Greatsword 2 combo will eat through most foes in the core maps.

    As for skills I would say for newbie to MMOs I would say **keep the Shelter skill for Healing **as it offers 2 seconds of blocking allowing her to safely heal up in danger.

    For the ulity skills I would reccomend her going for Meditations and spirit weapons first, then shouts. As a rookie she might have trouble dealing conditions at first and having a second way to clear them off her would help. F2 - Virtue of Resolve clears 2 conditions with a little healing, but having Contemplation of Purity or Smite Condition would help too. Personally for a rookie, i'll go for Contemplation of Purity as it clears and converts all conditions into boons also it breaks stuns.
    The two spirit weapons i reccomend are Spirit sword and Hammer of wisdom, one is an attack for damage and the other is knockdown to help with stunning/stopping foes or Defaince/Break bars if she comes across any.
    The elite I would go for "Feel my wrath" the quickness and fury would be good way to start battles, she will need to ALL the other shouts first.

    As for Traitline I would reccomend her taking Valor, then Virtues then Radiance, and then Zeal.
    Check out the setup, that i made.
    So ignore the armour part since that isn't for leveling up and focus on the traits and skills

    I say Valor first because as a rookie staying alive is your top prioty. the stuff i've choosen, by default valor will give her aegis when her health reaches 50%, also smite's boon will clear 2 conditions she heals it'll so thats an extra free condition clear and it hits nearby foes, Strenght in numbers will give her a defense boost near any other player and Monk's focus will aid her and give fury for more attack power and tiny bit of healing when she uses a Meditation skill (Contemplation of Purity or Smite Condition )

    Next traitline to learn will be virtues, it'll teach her how to use F1,F2,F3 skills a bit as that what the traitline is focused on
    This will add damage to the build. Absolute Resolution will also give her more passive healing.

    Last traitline will be Raidance, all the bottom traits will help with damage. When she has Retaltion.

    This with set up the rotation focused around f1 skill and getting Retaltion.
    when she starts a fight, use f1 to burn foes and gain retaltion then use elite skill to gain quickness and then hit stuff with your weapon, this should chew right thru most foes.
    The other virtue skills (f2 and F3) and greatsword 4 skill will help with extra retaltion. If she needs it. the Greatsword 4 and Greatsword 2 combo will eat through most foes in the core maps.
    if she doesn't need both spirit weapons she can use a shout like "retreat" to help with defense and traveling about, or The "bane signet" and "Judge intervation" would also be good choices for a ulity slot too.

  • My gf thanks for everything and will try it out :)

  • I need to refresh this topic:
    Now I'm interested in leveling guardian. Will this build be efficient? I'm kind of more experienced player and i need an advice. I tried leveling build from highlited topic on top and i had some problems with getting all utilities on time, because it needs so much hero points. I'm more into this build. Will this be ok to level? I wanna use GS and Scepter/Focus. I'm learning how to use virtues and stuff. For endgame i'm aiming towards power DH for fractals/dungeons/OW.

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    I think when leveling, meditations and the valor line in general are a great way to go. Smite condition and Judges Intervention are great for leveling. I also think main hand Sword is really great when leveling for the teleport.

    Be careful, though. Once you get used to teleporting it makes it hard to leave meditations on the wayside.

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    Bane signet, Sword of Justice and Shout of your preference for 3 utility skills.
    For elite you can take "Feel my Wrath" or Signet of Courage

    Weapons - Take Greatsword and Sword/Focus or Greatsword and Scepter/Focus
    If you are having trouble surviving equip mace or staff as one of your weapons as in leveling zones those will heal you for quite enough. Also, in open world leveling, the need for weapon swapping is minimal so need for two offensive weapon kits is diminished.

    Traitlines should be Radiance/Zeal/Virtues. Do not take anything else as your biggest weakness as a guardian is small health pool and this will force you to learn how to dodge and use your defensive skills (don't take this as a dogma, as there are situations where its quite fine to take a more defensive traitline, obviously)

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