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[EU][NEW][Casual] Looking for people to hangout with/ friends/ guild

Hey, Hi Hello there~ :)

Some information about me. If you don't already know I'm ssobydalim or to make it easier sobi/ soby (soh-bee). I'm 21 y.o. from the UK (originally from Philippines, mabuhay~).

As the title states, I'm a brand new player, just bought the game yesterday and played for couple hours already. So, content and experience wise I'm what you call a total noob. I have both of the expansion packs (if you guys are wondering) so I would be able to do the contents available the game offers in the future. Currently playing as Guardian for now but looking to venture out as Thief, Elementalist, Necromancer and Mesmer.

As a new player I'm mainly interested in exploring and learning more about the game, making friends, maybe joining a guild, and socialising. As a casual and university student, how often I play depends on my workload/ wk. I could guarantee to be able to play Monday and/ or Wednesday (between 0900-1600 GMT). Other days are occasional. I am fairly active in discord (ssobydalim#4447) so if you want to chat me up and ask how I'm doing or if you want to hangout feel free to ping or dm me. If ever in-game I do prefer voice chat but hey could do text chat if you so prefer. Honestly, I don't mind =).

Other interesting facts about me. I play (alot of) games, watch anime & TV series, read manga & books. I'm a self-proclaimed bibliophile, geek and nerd. I could talk just about any random stuffs I could think off. I'm fairly humorous however, I'm really dry with jokes -- I don't find it funny unless ofc I'm the one who thought or said it. Try me if you want. But don't say I didn't warn you. I love coffee and tea, and I could probably eat all day B).

I mainly play Overwatch casually as well ofc. I do play Switch and PS4 for them sweet exclusives and JRPGs and whatnot. I do play R6S occasionally, well exclusively with friends or party (trash-tier jks I get really nervous playing Siege so my heart always go doki-doki thump-thump playing it). So if you dig the games I've mentioned just let me know.

Also, If you're interested as to what anime/ manga I've been up to look me up on Anilist (AL) with same username or better yet here's the link: https://anilist.co/user/ssobydalim/

So, if anyone wants to hangout or maybe invite me to their guild or teach me the ropes I would greatly appreciate it. Any other info you want to know dm me.

That's just about it. Nice to meet you all~ Hope to see couple of you in game or here or in discord. Thanks for your time reading this semi-long post. Have a good day everyone.


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