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AR - Returning Player LFGuild on Anvil Rock (PvX, Casual/Serious player NA) Willing to Move Servers

Hello I'm a returning/new player to GW2 looking for a guild to enjoy the game with. Right now I mostly play by myself and the game is new and exciting but obviously would be more fun if I had others to enjoy the game with.

I'm down for all sorts of experiences regarding GW2. Hoping to hop back in and play games and stuff.


  • Hey there. I am a part of a very active and social PvE guild. We are extremely welcome and friendly towards helping players with content and questions.

    We do raid trainings multiple times a week at reset, weekday and weekend. We have multiple statics with more forming when trainees become experienced enough.

    We also do fractals, CMs, guild missions, open world, and some PvP/WvW. Our guild is level 69 (max) with all buffs and upgrades, so you can expect our guild hall to be decked out with all the vendors and material nodes. We use our guild hall to host unique events, such as treasure hunts, musical chairs, and an event with three legendary weapon prizes is currently being planned for.

    We've been around since 2015. We're pretty chill/casual out of endgame content, adult-oriented for the most part, and most members come online at and around reset. There are regularly 40+ online durig this time daily, so there's always someone to talk to and play with. Feel free to join for an invite, or if you have any questions.

    Take care.

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