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LF semi-hardcore/ hardcore guild on DB (PvX, WvW, PST)

Relative.7329Relative.7329 Member
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I’m 27 and interested in finding a chill community to run content with and get to know! I use discord etc and I say semi-hardcore/hardcore because I’m interested in playing hardcore but I’m not sure if my time investment can be regular enough for it. I’m currently in school but usually have nights free(currently not Tuesdays) and some days, I pretty much play daily. Weekends are almost always free and my schedule may change in the summer. I’m a fairly new player but I’m looking to start getting involved in end-game content. My main is level 44 currently but I have a boosted char as well and a remaining boost. I mostly want to get involved with a community right away so once I hit 80 I know I’ll have people to run stuff with!

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