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Casual PvE NA EST Anvil Rock FUN

Anvil Rock Server/North America/Eastern Time Zone

Me + my partner: Looking for active fun, quirky, geeky, kitten, gabby, chatty group preferably with discord, using voice.

Playing primarily 9pm to 1am eastern NA time, sometimes at other times.

Want to learn/explore: fractals/dungeons/PvP/WvW with a helpful group who likes to have fun, help, with suggestions, no harsh criticism.

Must not tolerate bigotry, sexism, or anti-LGBTQ

Will switch servers if necessary

I have been playing gw2 for 6 months, but am experienced with MMORPG gameplay. Have 202 mastery points. Play for several hours every day.


  • I have no idea how the word kitten got put in there. I didn't type it. ;D

  • Hiya,come and check out Aincrad, we are a very laid back casual guild, with occasional goofiness and even play later in the night.So come and see if we may be a good fit for you. :)

  • Hey there. I am part of an active and social PvE guild with some PvP/WvW on the side. Weekly events going on every week, raid training, statics, fractals, fractal cms, guild missions, open world stuff. It seems your play time aligns with our primetime. We have dozens online during the evenings daily, so there's always people to talk to and play with. We're very friendly when it comes to answering questions and helping with the game content.

    Our community is adult oriented for the most part. We're chill and like to have fun and tell jokes. We share memes and doggy pics on our discord.
    Our guild hall is maxed out, so expect all buffs and unlocks.

    Feel free to join our discord: if you wanna check us out.


  • Thanks. I'm checking you both out tonight!

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