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[EU] New Gw2 player Looking for Raiding Guild

Hello, you may think that a new player, wont have a chance of finding a raiding guild, you may or may not be right, but just hear me out first :-)

I started to play this game roughly 4-5 weeks ago, Im playing a scourge healer, and I have full ascended Magi's gear. Im going to make a Druid healer aswell in the near future. I have killed a few bosses already, so the raiding atmosphere is no where near new for me. Im a former world 5th World of Warcraft raider, with a few rank 1 logs. I got tired of WoW, and i wanted to try a more challengeing game. So that brings me to Gw2.

Im a very dedicated and active player, I always do my research before entering a new encounter or I start to play a new classes or role, I strive to improve myself, so that I can help other people out in the future aswell.

If any of this sounds just a tiny bit interresting, feel free to either add my Discord: Prototype#4539 or my Ingame tag: Prototype.4691

Thank you for readin :-)

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