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[EU][rC] Raidcore looking for Raiders!

We are looking for chill people who would like to do their fullclears. Generally we are looking for experienced players, but we also take newer players who are willing to learn.

  • We raid Mon/Fri 8:30PM UTC until 11:00PM (occasionally longer)
  • We used to have an additional raidnight on Wed, but that was cut due to lack of interest
  • On average between 500 - 1000 LI/LD
  • We also have complete beginners, trying to improve
  • Most people are multiclass
  • We are experienced/confident on W1-5
  • Some people are confident on W6, but we didn't have time to train properly as a guild
  • Guild Hall? Nope. Maybe if enough interest is there we will start levelling the guild etc.

About the guild:
Raidcore [rC] is the purely raiding focused sub-guild of [SUN].
We were fed up with having bad pugs, so we are building a pool of raiders to come along for our clears. In the past when we used to have 10+ people coming along we efficiently cleared at least 2 wings with plenty of time left, but since people have quit the game and we had to pug, this situation got worse and we had long waiting times and bad pugs slowed us down.

What happens when more than 10 people want to join for a raidnight?
Depending on the situation we will either split up into 2 Squads, or someone has to ditch.

So if you are interested send me an ingame mail!
Tell me about your previous raid experience and why you'd like to join. Maybe add how old you are and where you are from. :P
Send the mail to "I Facetank Bosses" or "Tribun der Weisse.3427". ^^

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