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DPS Staff Weaver Montage #12 / fgdfadsfgdffgfgsfds

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Burninating the countryside
Burninating the peasants
Burninating all the peoples
And their thatched-roof cottages!
Thatched-roof cottages!

Warning: music selection is, uh ... 'diverse'. headphones potentially advised?

Build: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQFAWnMMAdOgtMA+4C8RglBALIAMAaA3t6YdtWoSWBOBA-j1RBQBJU9nF8gAuy+jSDTqEEP6IAwFEIjKzCAgAczbGAu5Nv5Nv5N7628m38m38m38m38mlCQQlRA-w

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    Keep posting staff videos. I like seeing them. You make me wanna record again, but I need to upgrade my potato PC first lol. Maybe next month.

    Broski Supreme - Borsk Carry Effect

  • Lmao I'm getting there myself even with a 2015 computer and new graphics card - after the mount addition to WvW I have to keep models and model quality on lowest ;__;

    Solemn [wHo][shrd] | YouTube Weaver/other montages, tutorials, memes |
    Anvil Rock (main) | Darkhaven (alt)

  • TorQ.7041TorQ.7041 Member ✭✭✭
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    So you are the guy that 1 shot me on my warrior. After dodging and blocking 3 skills. Still got 1 shot.

    Admittedly I never played ele and never seen 1 that could kill me like this. So have no idea what skills were used.

    Guess I need to play it and see how it works.

    Looks like this is wvw. Any pvp vids? I want to learn that glass 1 shot build.

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