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Change in matchups

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Hello all, i wanted to discuss a fact ive seen in wvw passed months and i want to adress a complete change in sides a server goes after winning, loosing or ending second. First let me explain on how i see all sides and why i think do.

In this theory and change i assume the server that went up' the week before. And the stronger got pushed down a tier, this balance is mostly what happens after a few weeks matchup.

The side that goes up' gets red Color: this is red side on ebg
Mendons, anzalias and ogrewatch are really easy to get the wall sniped down because of surrounding high grounds. Only mendons is rather defendable when the enemy is in. There's no way keep siege Will support you when you in any of those 3 Towers. On top of that the ebg keep can can treb smc and back (that last one is really toxic) Just one tower can do IT on this side.

On the defending side of the bl's there's red bl, it's Nice but it's really hard to defend if the enemy knows map dynamics and enemy mobility (tapping Earth and flipping a shrine delays a respond time by 2.5minutes) can be crippled easily
All Towers are able to get sniped by cata's (except for the insane watchtower size of swt for a reason) and nwt is Just a pain to defend if you the home team. Yeah the backentrance is nice but that only brings you halfway the lordroom..
On 'offensive' size they have alpine bl's and Both sides. Not really any downsides on this

The 2nd place is for blue side
Blue keep has a Nice set of enemies around that can tap you on a Daily base. Every towerwall is able to be sniped, only red side is hard to counter (green side has always lower ground influence) 2 Towers can treb smc and vice versa. On defense IT has a hard time on outer Towers and inner Towers (bravost e.d.) are easy and able to get supported by the keep
On home bl defense there's blue bl with the stronger team (green) on the hard side and the weaker team on the easy defense side.
On offense there's green bl on the Bay side, Bay is easier to cap then hills (this counts for Both sides) therefor harder to 'hold if capped. IT upgrades quicker from swc but swt is 'slightly harder to 'hold and the watchtower has a greater impact on the defense
On offense red bl they on the side of airkeep, air is a real pain to cap and 'hold or retake as a Defender (not to mention not all mountbugs are solved there). Because of the spread walls on outer and limited options on inner. Every team can get in relatively quickly, and you only need the camp (which you have to pass to get in) to get mount advantage and be able to glide in quicker. Making a crippled defense harder.

Thirdly there is green
Green has an option to snipe 1 wall by the 2 Outer Towers which is allready a pain (since one of the 2 towers needs to be hit by smc). On top of that it's really hard to take the 2 inner Towers.
Unlike the 2 snipe possibilities on top of this it's really easy to defend all objectives because every gate is reachable by a trebuchet (only klovan is from jerri's all others by the keep). And the style the Towers are designed you can hit the lordroom from outside the tower from every corner (for the Outer Towers, another advantage for Defender)

On defending bl they have the 'weaker' server on hard defense and the 'middle' server on the mild defense.

On offense they have the fireside of the bl, IT has Both swt and firekeep which are Both the most easy to defend. The tower because of the mention of not able to snipe IT down with catapults (please proove me wron) and firekeep because you can, within a minute, get into lordsroom because of the 'adds' of gliding and mounts.

To sum IT up':
The weakest server has a far harder time to defend since: more Towers are snipeable and ebg keep is able to get trebbed. On bl's they rather neutral on offense and can be really weak if there's 1 smart enemy group

Blue: on ebg an avg option to defend. Strong 2nd layer of defense. The keep is rather strong. On defense of the bl's they have alpine which is allready a plus in people Willing to defend. But the status of the keeps is rather faborable. On offense they have the 'lower' road

The green has great influence in defense of ebg: Outer Towers are rather well manageable and easily sieged out. Its hard to cap any and every snipe is counterable by canons/mortars in the tower. Secondly on the bl's they have the stronger setup in Both offense (sw dessert bl and se alpine) as defense (stronger enemy near easier defendable keep)

For what i like to see is either:
1. Give green Color the bl status of red and red the green sides. Making the 'weaker force' stronger on bl's but weaker on ebg
2. Give the looser of previous week the red bl status (and not only on the lowest tier because some seem to not get out that loophole)

I think 'crippling' the stronger force by 'cutting something away from their mapadvantage can cut Them down a little bit.
Secondly i think IT would also help out the 'king server' who sits in green in T1. Lets be honest, this server (Both EU and na) barely shifted in the same pairings the last few weeks before relinis


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    I think I've brought up this point before about how "Red Keep" shouldn't be given to the "weakest server" because that is the easiest to attack side of the map. Don't think anymore realize it or care. But glad you made a nice post about it.! Hope they will realize it.

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