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[NA][PVE][RAID][LFG] Experienced Multiclass looking for weekly W1234 Static

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exp'd raider with multi class options looking for a comfy w1234 fc group. preferably a monday group anywhere between 10:00 AM to 10:00 Pacific or Sunday afternoons, but I can swing availability through the week for stuff like 1hr sessions or something. I have 30+ weekly kills on all w1234 and about 30 W5, 20+ W6 (CoZ), but mostly just looking for a w1234 static.

in order of experienced/preferred:

  • weaver
  • mirage
  • druid
  • chrono (off-support)
  • scourge (epibot, cdps)
  • banners (power: core + spb)

also have gear for but haven't put in enough practice to be comfortable with (in order of experience):

  • condi renegade
  • banners (condi)
  • holo
  • deadeye/daredevil

things I have gear for but zero practice with:

  • chrono (tank)
  • probably a bunch of other stuff since I have a bunch of ascended boxes / legendary items for swapping


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