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that chef quest for mastery point

why you have that quest in game it is stupid hard anybody with any sort of a handicap is not going to be able to complete that quest any body with barely enough internet speed this game is suppose to be fun that quest is not fun remember this if the game isn t fun people don t play it is not fun to chase this guy around an read what he needs yes i can t hear if you ask so i see you put a little box there but you still miss the kitten he needs because he moves around an your on a timer call it complaining no this is just the fact that i deal with on a daily basis so now as my game goes it comes to a complete halt why cause i have disabilities an the game is too ignorant to do anything bout it


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    The chefs mastery point has been a point of annoyment for many players, but please note that there is a big excess of mastery points in Path of Fire. Just skip this one and continue on to the next ones. I eventually got mine, but not after I completed the expansion and got all the PoF mastery tracks maxed with mastery points I got elsewhere.

    Other players may have difficulty with the portal blink mastery point as it requires good memory. Just move on to the next one.

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  • @#@). So the memory one stumps me. Eventually i'll go back and with enough time and determination i'll get it. There are loads of easy ones and other I"ve gotten along the way. When stumped I just move on and come back to it later on.