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Fractal Heal Support

RaVeN.5941RaVeN.5941 Member ✭✭

Hello Guys,
I´m new to Mesmer, switching over from Quick´n´Healbrand, used in Fractals. I really enjoy supporting my group and I like playing full support.
So, my question: is it possible to fullfill the role of a Healsupport with a Chronomance/Mesmer in general? I´m thinking about Minstrel gear.
If so, i appriciate any advise.

Have a nice evening.


  • Hoodie.1045Hoodie.1045 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 18, 2019

    If you want to play an odd, non meta support build for mesmer in which you heal allies rather than granting them alacrity, you could try out the wells chronomancer or the mantra mesmer build. These are not meta builds, I just made these builds up for the purpose of being a healer mesmer support build.

    If you're wondering why Harrier gear is being used, it's because of the minor trait in Inspiration called Healing Prism which gives you more healing power based on your power.

    Karras The Engineer

  • lare.5129lare.5129 Member ✭✭✭

    use harrier- is very bad idea. U need be non die, and sometimes u shoudl be ready ress from downstate and duiring that get input damage.
    Use ministrel or combination giver(toghness heal cons)+ magi. Depend how fast and how easy u want put itemes.

    This meta style for non-heal partys, like common any one supp plus 4 scourges.
    So u spam 3 wells, or mimic+2 welss.
    Also after last pach u have a lot of improvent so this gameplaey style is not bad.

    Why I personaly not like it ? Not so easy find 4 scourges for cms+t4 with kps.

  • If you're still interested in the heal chrono builds, there are two main builds that I've used when I used to run for my CM group to keep up their scholar uptime way back when (before BD nerf):

    WoE heal skill or "mantra spam"

    The WoE build is easier to use with a huge heal spike from WoE (14k HP if all heal pulses hit), but when you use all your cooldowns you're a sitting duck and can't do anything for your team except res them when they go down. The mantra spam gives the most HP/s healing (4.9k HP per 10s), but makes most of your time charging your heal mantra and losing out in some sort of freedom. You will need to bounce your regen off of another source with SoI since you have no sources anymore, but it "can" still get decent healing provided your teammates aren't facetanking too much.

    Alternative weapons outside of focus when you don't need it can be staff, as the staff phantasm procs Illusionary Inspiration twice. If you are doing your own build, keep in mind that Harrier focused stats are preferred since Healing Prism equalizes the healing power between the full minstrel variant and the "almost" full harrier build provided.

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