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Is it me or really damage was tone down in pvp?

Not ours to be exact but everything else in pvp.

Yesterday I decided to more seriously test out Tempest in ranked and as I was expecting i had no real big issues surriving teamfights...but it was kinda boring so I gave try to my old love...staff. I used vallun;s healbot variant: Surprisingly self sustain part worked really well and soon I started bunkering side nodes (IF I had too!).

Who knows maybe there is no better time try actually fresh weaver...if we really have bunker meta now then randomly exploding after somebodies snesse is a lasser issue...and with so many 1v1 builds viable now there more fights we can +1 and do something useful.

Sw/d weaver on other hand is in really bad spot...with so many squishy builds gone or irrelevant popular menders version feels so useless. I feel boy's and girls that now is the time to try hard with offensive amulets to do anything.

My point is that after so many nerfs in meta I feel like it's interesting time now to experiment with ele builds in pvp,

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