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[NA][PvE] The Knights of Jade [TKoJ] Looking for active and chill players!

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The Knights of Jade


We're a smaller, end-game, PvE guild with a focus on Strikes, Fractals, Raids, and other PvE content, and an emphasis on decent performance without an expectation to strictly adhere to a meta.

We're looking for individuals free around evenings (Eastern time) that enjoy playing the game as we do, and also aren't brand new to the game (~minimum is having a nearly completed ascended set on one of your characters).

With all that said, here's what we do:


  • We do a single Full Clear of Strikes on Tuesdays @ 10:00PM Eastern.

  • We also do the single priority strike on Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 10:00PM Eastern.

  • Strikes are done this way for the maximum, worthwhile reward from the weekly chest.

Fractals of the Mists:

  • On every day except Friday, our fractal team gets together and does CM's + T4's @ 11:30PM Eastern.

  • While we do only have a single fractal team that calls for substitutes on occasion, we have several members that have interest in doing fractals, whether it be every day or simply a few days a week. The problem is scheduling, which is something you can help fix.

  • We can provide agony resistance if you're lacking, and training if you haven't done CM's / Fractals much.


  • As a note, raiding is generally limited to those that hang out in discord with us and join us in other activities.

  • Our guild team gets together three times a week to FC W1-7 + 5CM's, sometimes ditching W1-2 for boss grinds, role-training, and switching up CM's for those that don't have them completed.

  • Subsitutes are always welcome, and with enough interested members we can make a second raid team.



  • Discord is the main place that we hang out, and as such is mandatory. We chat, talk in voice, stream various events/games, and more. Being able to talk in voice is not required, but is always appreciated.


  • We do maintain a lax ~1 month activity rule, but can easily extent based on the situation.

  • Repping the guild is not required, but is always appreciated.

  • Our Lv69 guild's around ~6 years old at this point

  • This guild is best fit for those initially willing to get out of their comfort zone and chat with us; join us for Strikes, hop in voice, meme with memers, or what have you; it's the best way to not feel alienated and feel part of the guild, plus you'll get to know everyone and vice-versa.


If you're interested in trying us out, mail either QuitarHero.1645 or wulfy.6251 in-game, and provide us your accountName.#### somewhere.

Thanks for your time!


  • do you take on new players that want to learn and would love to do some more end game content

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    [Bump] We now do daily SAB runs and scream in the discord as we bait each other into spikes or talk about double pixel perfect skips :>

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    [Bumps it to front page again]

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    [Bump] Now theory crafting new raid comps......

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    [Bump] Update to raid session

    - Note: While we do raid, we aren't interested in individuals that would solely raid and do nothing else with us.

    - For three days a week we get together and raid. We aren't the best, and sometimes struggle on various bosses, but the main raiding goal is to enjoy ourselves while being the best we can be. Substitutes for our static are more than welcome, and with more manpower comes additional teams.

    - The Three Guild Sessions are...

    - Mondays @ 9:30PM - 10:30PM Eastern. This is the first of three static sessions, where we typically clear 1-2 wings.

    - Tuesdays @ 9:30PM - 10:30PM Eastern. This is the second of three static sessions where we typically clear 1-2 wings.

    - Wednesday @ 9:30PM - 10:30PM Eastern. Anyone can join while we clear 1-2 wings and have a good time!

    - Sundays @ 7:30PM - 10:30PM Eastern. This is the third of three static sessions, where we typically clear 3-4 wings.

    Updated again in Aug

  • New player here! would liek to start getting into GW 2

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    @Tastycake.2957 said:
    New player here! would liek to start getting into GW 2

    Hello! Thank you for showing interest with the guild, but we’re an end game focused guild, not really the right enviourment for new players X(

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    [bump] Update on fractals, we now host 2 groups. 8pm EST and 11pm EST. Changed time to around 3hr post daily reset after strike missions
    Also please mail us ingame with your account name and a bit about yourself if you want to contact us. We don’t frequent the forums much :U

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    [bump] [bump] [bump]

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    [Bump] Our discord require you to submit your API key to the Gw2 discord bot btw, so we can guild sync for ez role managements :>

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    [Bump] Updated recruitment message. Recently had a guild clean up and also tidied up the raid section of the msg :D

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    [Bump] Gets sad together about recently buying BoSaSBSS

  • [Bump] Rocking out at the Metal Legion concert

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    [Bump] We now do strike missions after raids, and before fracs

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    [Bump] Theorycrafting single chrono raid comps....

  • [Bump] Running around in Lab

  • [Bump] Trying to figure out where to map the 12 new template related hot keys....

  • [Bump] Figuring out minimum number of people needed to get gold at strike missions

  • [Bump] Preparing to feed some orphans for karma...

  • [Bump] Figuring out how to kill the new tougher bone daddy.....

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    [Bump] Deciding which unused toon will be 1000% lucky this year...

  • [Bump] Speculating what the big balance patch will be about...

  • [Bump] TFW Bone daddy strike is now Dhuum CM 10% but on steroids...

  • [Bump] We maxed our guild hall yesterday! lvl69 woot!

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    [Bump] Updated our recruitment msg!

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    [Bump] Fitting as many people as possible in the tank...

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    [Bump] grunts

  • [Bump] Big update to the og post :D

  • [Bump] Most member are effected by daylight saving so no time change (10pm Eastern)

  • [Bump] Trying to form a squad then split up into a party...