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[NA][PvE] The Knights of Jade [TKoJ] Looking for active and chill players!

The Knights of Jade [TKoJ]


We're a small (~35 members), active, end-game PvE guild looking for more (semi-experienced) players to join us in our daily & weekly activities, which include...

Guild Missions:

  • Every Friday at 9pm Eastern we get in Discord and tackle guild missions while we chat and chill together.

Fractals of the Mists:

  • Every Day at 8pm Eastern we get together and do all T4 Dailies & Recommendeds. CM's happen based on how many guildies are in the mood for it. We're willing to assist you with agony resistance and general fractal improvement so you can be that much cooler.


  • As a note, we're not interested in individuals solely interested in Raids.

  • As for Raiding, the guild hosts three sessions, seen below. We prioritize a raid environment that, while we expect good performance, we also focus on creating a chill environment that doesn't pressure people into playing what's meta and try to prioritize what you want to play.

  • The guild hosts 3 Raids per week:
    • On Tuesdays at 10pm - 11pm Eastern, anyone interested can join up (while we pug the rest) and beat a single wing.

    • On Fridays at 10pm - 12am Eastern, the guild team gets together to get about half of their weekly kills.

    • On Sundays at 7pm - 10pm Eastern, the guild team gets together to get the other half of their weekly kills, in addition to achievements and/or boss grinding.

  • The guild static over the years have accomplished various achievements, CM's, low-mans, and entertaining kills. We're also a static that tends to need subsitutes for sessions, for those interested in raiding without a big commitment. Some weeks we don't do a full W1-6 FC, and some weeks we do; all depending on if we're having bad or good days.


In short, if you're an individual that enjoys end-game PvE content who prefers an environment that isn't strictly meta (such as bringing a p/p Deadeye to Matt / Largos, not minding condi DPS for KC, or if fractals aren't super optimal) so long as you understand what's meta, you'd be a good fit for the guild. :)


  • We use Discord as our primary communication, whether it's casually chatting or voicing up for whatever we want. A mic is not required, but having Discord is.
Guild Notes:
  • A lax 1 month activity rule is maintained; a big reason the guild stays small.
  • Representation isn't required, but is always appreciated.
  • Occasionally we do Dungeons, WvW, and Open World events.
  • As a whole we're interested in creating a second fractal time for those unavailable at 8pm Eastern, and eventually a second raid team for those interested but can't show for the current session(s).


  • If you're interested in giving us a shot, throw an in-game mail at either QuitarHero.1645 or wulfy.6251

Thanks for your time and interest!


  • do you take on new players that want to learn and would love to do some more end game content

  • [Bump] We now do daily SAB runs and scream in the discord as we bait each other into spikes or talk about double pixel perfect skips :>

  • [Bumps it to front page again]

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