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[API Tool] Consumable filter

Hello there,

I've made a tool based on GW2 API.

Well Trade post does not allow Us to filter consumables based on the food attributes. And that's something I really wanted to have, so... I've wrote something like that.

I'm not hosting it anywhere but I've got it available on my repository so in case someone would like to use You can just clone it and play around with it. I won't host it since i don't always have time to make updates, check if host work etc, I just want to be free of that.

Can't say everything works like a charm but it covers my needs. Also I can't promise to be able to fix stuff - not much time.

Version 1.0 is downloadable here: https://github.com/Volmarg/gw2_consumable/releases/tag/Release/1.0
Github repo: https://github.com/Volmarg/gw2_consumable

What is working:

  • Filtering all items marked as consumables
  • Filtering by
    • level
    • rarity
    • item attributes

So for example let's say You want item that has stats like:

  • magic find
  • gold find
  • extra experience

You just select these stats from the list of available stats and check out wich Item has the attributes that You look for.

Feel free to play with that tool as much as You want. Again I ain't having much time - I'm just sharing with what I've made to make my gameplay easier.

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