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Calling All Mordrem!

To meet the needs of a series of roleplay plots I'm running, I created a Mordrem baddy to explain the occasional presence of minions in Deep Maguuma.



This guy is the Mordrem Witherer, and he's bad news for anyone who doesn't want to be slain, slapped under a glob of blighting fluid, and melted into fodder for the now-rogue army of Mordremoth. After the events of Heart of Thorns, he just kinda.. kept going. His last order was to continue creating nasty little minions, and that's exactly what he's been doing for the last few years.

When he isn't churning out 100% organic, 100% GMO minions, he's causing a couple of giggles at the Tarir meta event (because why else would you make a character like this?)


(He's open for business if you need a horrorshow for your storyline)

Does anyone else have Mordrem characters?
Are they converted Sylvari, or are they direct creations of the Big Bad Elder Noodle himself?
What have they been doing since Heart of Thorns ended, and why?
What happens when you blight something like a tuna sandwich?