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Looking for a raid group

I have played the game since early 2013, and have been active in every game-mode during this whole time, but I've found it difficult to break into raiding. So I am looking for an active raiding group or guild to join. I am an old-school raider from previous MMO's, I am comfortable using coms (Discord, Teamspeak, whatever), and I will listen to instruction.

With pugs I have cleared wings 1 and 3 multiple times, as well as killed Slothazor. So I am not completely inexperienced with raiding.

I would prefer to bring my Soulbeast/Druid, which I have fully geared for both roles using snowcrows builds. However, I am also comfortable bringing a Herald, or Scourge/Reaper, or a Power bannerslave Warrior, or a Holosmith. I am proficient in all of these classes, and have them all fully-geared (ascended/legendary), and willing to use them if need-be.

I am available to raid any night of the week, from 9pm EST to 2am EST on weekdays (I don't get off work until 7pm EST), and anytime on weekends.

I don't check the forums too often, so please send me a mail or a pm in-game.

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