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Not a bug of Soulbeast--it's Rune of the Ogre

Apparently other players mistakenly think Rangers could summon another pet when they were in beast mode. How could you get it so wrong lol. Superior Rune of the Ogre summons a Rock Dog for ANYONE in combat, meaning any player can use those runes and have the benefit of a Rock Dog along with their other offensive skills and abilities. By 'correcting a bug' you have now precluded Soulbeasts from using those runes and being able to go into beast mode. So when will you be removing similar offensive skills and abilities from all the other classes when they use Superior Rune of the Ogre? Or will you just eliminate that rune from the game? Let's be fair? Pets are part of a Rangers skill set. If you remove the ability to go into beast mode when using gear with the mentioned runes, you must in all fairness, remove some of the skill set for All other classes. I'm sure there will be the usual troll comments but this is a legitimate argument and one that the devs should have been able to suss out for themselves. It Wasn't a bug. It's using a rune that any other player can use along with their current specialiaztion builds. For example a Mesmer would get a Rock Dog in addition to all their illlusions. So fix that 'bug' too? Should Mesmers illusions just die on spawning if the player is using Rune of the Ogre? You've singled out one class and made it so they can't use what all other classes can use with full functionality. about you fix what you broke or make it the same for all classes across the board.


  • I dont think the bug fix was aimed at removing rune of the ogre from soulbeasts. Perhaps it unintentionnaly removed the rock dog (and other rune summons) when the ranger goes into beast mode. You should go post a bug report instead of rant here.

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    Everyone would benefit if rock dog was gone from bonus, replaced by something else really.

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    It would be nice to have some clarification from the dev team.

  • Zantal.4798Zantal.4798 Member ✭✭

    I probably know how this went

    The guy in charge of fixing this managed to reproduce it, most probably getting to spawn a pet while merging into the current one.
    but the bug most probably is very difficult to fix without altering a lot more of the underlying systems.
    but then! . . . all of a sudden!
    Hey look a method which says DespawnAllCurrentPets! THAT WAS EASY!

    Software is hard, but this should not have happened

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    More stupid is that our profession mechanic can die; everyone else could keep their attunements, toolbelt, shroud, f1/2 to win, tomes buttons.

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    edited March 27, 2019

    @Chomsky.4971 do you have an example where the rune(s) and/or functionality mentioned don't work?

    I just went in and tested Ogre, Privateer (parrot), and Lich (jagged horror) runes in PvE. They all worked as I expected. Summons spawned properly when entering combat and staying in combat; both merged and unmerged. Merging with my actual pet had no effect on the rune summons, they stayed up until their timers ran out and summoned again on cooldown.

    The only summon that I tested that disappeared on merge was Hyena's F2 ally. While annoying, this matches the behaviour it's had for years. The hyena ally is tied to the hyena pet and disappears if you pet swap. Nothing new there.

    Side note: Parrot and Rockdog ranger pets when?

    Builds for Runes project | Discussion | Archive

  • I'm able to stay in beastmode now so I can only guess they sorted it. Thanks!

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