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API updates - March 27 2019

Hello all,

Some users of the API have already come to me with bugs in the recently released code. Thank you so much!

While refactoring the code to handle parsing IDs from urls and query params, I introduced a bug that caused any hiccup to report a 400 HTTP status code (instead of, say, a 404), which broke a few apps. Oops!

Also, some of the mount skin code modifications I added inadvertently mutated cached data. This caused the icon link to only show during the first request after a cache invalidation (i.e. pressing F5 deleted the icon link from the mount skin for a few minutes).

These are small but I wanted to make sure to include these changes on the forum.

Recent API Updates

Here are the changes in list format:

  • Properly respond with 404 Not Found for missing ids from static endpoints.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the icon field from showing on mount skins.

Thanks again to those who reported errors. I'm very interested in hearing about any more problems coming up.