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General profession information

Hi all. I’m a newer player that is looking to get some insight on the different classes and elite specializations and what game content they are good and bad at. I have yet to choose my main class, so far I’ve played Revenant and Guardian. I definitely want to be able to be a support for various things but I also like to dps.

How do all the professions and elite specializations fare in:

Is there somewhere I can find this information online? (Haven’t seen somewhere yet)

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  • Dadnir.5038Dadnir.5038 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Well this often change with each and every balance patch. However, at the moment:

    • Elementalist (and e-specs) seem overly complicated to use for the result they have whatever the gamemode. You'll struggle in sPvP and PvE (despite your high dps potential) and only find some room as a tactical nuke in WvW zergs.
    • Engineer currently perform well in sPvP and WvW due to scrapper and holosmith. Holosmith ain't bad in PvE but it ain't the best either so it tend to be a "second choice".
    • Guardian and especially firebrand are currently a meta support in WvW zergs. The guardian also fare well in sPvP and PvE but it's not a "favored" profession in PvE.
    • Mesmer is in an odd state right now. Chronomancer still have their card to play in PvE, while it's more of a duelist in sPvP and WvW.
    • Necromancer is an historical pilar of WvW zergling and scourge pushed this role to the peak. In PvE the necromancer tend to lack potential and in sPvP it fill it's own niche. The profession is generally weak when acting alone.
    • Ranger is fine to use in small scale PvP and can fill quite a few roles in PvE.
    • Revenant is a meta dps of WvW zergs, it's not a bad choice in sPvP and PvE but the player's skill might hinder it's performance more than for most professions.
    • Thief is mainly a high dps. In the right hands it can turn the tide in sPvP but it can also be a liability in the wrong hands. In WvW it will mainly act as a roamer even if the recent change make it harder for them to make a living by killing unsuspecting foes. In PvE it peak damage on single target so it's in a pretty good place.
    • Warrior is in a good place in PvE due to it's ability to provide offensive support while dishing a nice amount of damage. In sPvP it's "ok" in experienced hands and in WvW it struggle a bit in zerglings due to it's lack of effective range attack.

    NB.: Take note that in metaevent anything goes and that it's only the current state of the profession. One of the main issue a profession will face in the game is the point of view of other players which tend to restrict a lot the range of things that they expect from the different professions, closing doors to build versatility.


  • whoeverxwins.1279whoeverxwins.1279 Member ✭✭✭

    I have to completely disagree about necro being weak alone. I can stomp through champions and 'solo' (is it really solo when you have our own raiding party of minions with you?) most dungeons with my power minion reaper build. Since each minion adds toughness, I am able to go full berserker build and still have few things make a dent in my health. And if they do, I can pop into shroud and get it back with skill 4.

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