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[EU] Static Looking For More - Sunday/Thursday

Lottie.5370Lottie.5370 Member ✭✭✭
edited May 17, 2019 in Looking for Group

Hey, we are a guild called [Nom]. We raid Sunday and Thursday 19:45-22:00 and have raided together for several months now. We typically clear wing 1&4 and Escort, and are working on clearing other wings. We have a casual attitude.

We are looking for any player that can ideally play 2 (or more) of the following roles:
-Heal Renegade
-Alac Renegade
-Firebrand (Quickness, Heal)
-Condi DPS (Mirage, Scourge, FB pref.)
-Power DPS


  • Lottie.5370Lottie.5370 Member ✭✭✭

    Updated, we have 2 slots to fill. All of our members play multiple roles, but would to swap roles more often.