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An idea about summoned weapons and utility skills

Currently the summoned weapons are only used to maximize dps by casting them, using 1 or 2 skills and imidiately dropping them again. They are underwhelming to use, at least for me, and I feel like the weapons could be a lot more useful.

So my idea: Delete all the utility version of the weapons, and rework the Fiery Greatsword elite into a new "Elemental weapon" elite. The new elite would change it's shape every time you change attunement and turn into a fiery greatsword in fire attunement, frost bow in water attunement, lightning hammer in air attunement and earth shield in earth attunement. The point is to rework the weapons into a strong combat elite. I also thought it would be nice to add some pulsing boons to it, since the weapons don't apply boons and especially ice bow falls short to water's theme of healing and cleansing. Idea: Pulsing might and fury in fire, some heals and regen in water, swiftness/alacrity in air, protection/resistance in earth.

Now, with that little rework, we have 4 unused utility skills left. Feel free to suggest anything, I thought simply placing the most used spells of the weapons into these slots could easily make up for the loss (= Firestorm, Frost Storm, Thunderclap, Fortify). However some new skills could benefit ele as well. Some ideas:

  • Wells. Well of Fire would pulse might to allies while damaging and burning foes, water heals and cleanses, air dazes and damages, earth bleeds and cripples. However probably too many wells in the game with the recent scrapper rework.
  • Instant attunements: overrides the F1-F4 system, casts some spell while instantly attunig to said element and reducing the cd of weapon skill withint it.


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    There's plenty of things you can do with FGS when you're not attuned to fire. Pve example: FA tempest builds use fgs in air. Wvw example: going into melee range with protection from earth (arcane trait) or superspeed from air trait.

    This is probably one of the worst suggestions for conjured weapons and just extends the main issue of ele - having certain mechanics tied to attunement which is completely worthless once you swap out of it.

    Conjureds need very simple changes: ammo/kit system and no cast time. They can even remove extra stats and add some effect when you equip/drop the weapon and change conjurer trait to something more meaningful like attunement recharge, boon, superspeed (or similar effect based on weapon) etc.

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    Make the #4 skill on Frost Bow normal again. Increase the DPS on Lightning Hammer and Lava Axe by a great amount, so that we actually have some useful utilities to choose from, instead of insta-picking Arcane Wave for additional damage (speaking from a WvW staff ele POV).

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    Conjureds need very simple changes: ammo/kit system and no cast time.

    Precisely. That's literally all we need to make summoned weapons enjoyable, engaging and fluid to use. Still don't understand why ANet isn't adressing this when it's been asked for years now...

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