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[NA][PvX] Mucklucks [Luck] Casual Guild!

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We are a casual and mature guild who are looking for more friendly folk to join us. We are online daily and have scheduled events throughout the week. We have Guild Mission nights, a Fractal Dungeon night, as well as a PvP night! Our members are knowledgeable, very friendly, and more than happy to help new/returning players. With that being said, if you ever have a question, someone most likely will have an answer!

Requirements and Rules

As for any requirements to join, there are none! Just follow the three simple rules and you're good to go!
1. Be kind and courteous to everyone around you.
2. No politics.
3. Have fun.


We also use Discord and are online daily.
In addition to Discord, we use a Bot that works hand-in-hand with Discord that comes with a team website.


Guild Missions: Mondays and Wednesdays.
Fractal Dungeon Night: Wednesday.
PvP Night: Thursdays.
Raiding Night: To be decided.

The schedule will always be up to date in our #guild-info Discord channel as well as our guild website.


Anyways, we hope you join us as we are having a blast!
For those who are curious, our guild hall is the Windswept Haven.

See you on the battlefield!
- Dre

Join Here!

Click here to join our Discord.
Join Discord and tell use your Guild Wars 2 username so we can invite you immediately in-game.

Click here to join our Team Website (Optional)
Joining the website gives you access to our calendar, forums, and announcements.

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    Interested in PvP, Fractals, WvW, or just hanging out with other awesome players? If so, come join us! We are always looking for more friendly faces!

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    Accepted Answer

    Hello everyone! Tonight is PvP night!

  • TNRSparkster.9354TNRSparkster.9354 Member ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    We are looking for more dedicated players who would like to do PvP, Fractals, WvW, and raiding in the future.


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    Happy Friday! I hope everyone is having a great day! We are going to begin our guild missions later today so feel free to come on down and join us!

  • I hope everyone is having a great Sunday! We are going to have our PvP night tonight so come on down! :)

  • Happy Monday! I have just now given access to self assigning roles so that way members can stand out amongst each other to help find out who focuses in which field. You may do so when joining the Discord server by doing .role WvW, .role PvP, or even .role PvE!

  • Hello everyone! We are still looking for more friendly members who are active and social!

  • Wednesday Fractal Night was a success! We are planning on doing more fractals, just in general, more often throughout the week!

  • We are much more active in PvP, WvW, as well as Fractals. Come on and join us! We are looking to expand our teams!

  • It's that time again! Friday! Where we buckle down, get together, and do guild missions! It's a blast and I hope you come and join us!

  • Hello everyone! We're growing quite quickly and are looking for even more friendly faces to join us! We are on daily doing PvP, Fractals, dailies, alts, you name it. Come join us! Old and new players are welcome!

  • Come on down and join us! We are always having fun :)

  • Tonight is fractals night! We have at least two groups full of people who attend. I estimate we will have three groups soon. I hope you join!

  • Tonight! We do Guild Missions! Later on, I hope we can find more players who enjoy fractals and make more teams!

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