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Social PvE fashion wars guild,[SHNY] is recruiting! [EU]

Sugarcube.9867Sugarcube.9867 Member ✭✭
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Hey there, do you like shinies?!

We are A Skritt At Heart [SHNY] we are a pretty new guild looking for social and active players!

Our difference from regular guilds is that we don't only play PvE content, we also play the ultimate endgame: Fashion Wars! This means that we share our show of our characters on Discord,
have contests and challenges around in-game screenshots. Other then that we also offer the usual guild stuff;

  • Guild missions
  • Events (can be anything from bounty runs, dungeons, map events, etc.)
  • Contests (screenshot related)
  • Giveaways
  • Raid training in the works

We are still pretty small but dont plan on becoming a very large guild.
Discord is mandetory.
Do you want to join our band of chatty skritt?
contact me ingame: Sugarcube.9867
or on discord: Sugarcube#5024


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